Travel Paris: Packing Travel Essentials

Going to Paris, is a gift in and of itself.

Going to Paris during Fashion Week, initiates a frenzy of planning and anxiety. This is not just any fashion week or locale – this is the Fashion Capital of the world!

Undisputed heavyweight champion of the finest sartorial and haute couture craft known to man.

Paris is also home to major romantic and cultural attractions, like The Louvre museum, Eiffel Tower and home to the most infamous foodie rating system in the world: Michelin.

I was not about to take the city, nor the notion of Paris Fashion Week lightly, so here are a few of my Travel Essentials for this trip:

Puma Suede Bow Varsity sneakers 👟

Puma South Africa and I, have a lovely relationship when it comes to Fashion Week time. They understand that I need a combination of style and comfort to handle the prolonged days of running to shows, posing for photos in all manner of twisty positions – My word! The things we do for the ‘gram! – and I always need a shoe that looks good, to satisfy my soul.

I decided to not only bring my Puma Suede flavor-of-the-month, but choose another from my array of Puma sneakers.

These are really essentials for any chic traveler.

I have the utmost pleasure of once again collaborating with Hi Online, to bring you closer to the front row of another one of the worlds most celebrated events.

Fashion Week with Klaas, wouldn’t be fashion week without the best gadgets, available at Hi Online, to capture my picture-perfect (🙄and sometimes imperfect) moments.
So excited that Sony has sponsored me their gorgeous Sony Xperia flagship XZ2 smartphone, along with Sony Extra Bass On-Ear headphones.

New York had me: easily capturing Cindy Crawford, recharging quickly, diligently tracking my New York Fashion Week event schedule, selfie-snapping everywhere from Times Square to The Daily Show with Trevor Noah studios, and even finding my heart in Brooklyn – all thanks to the last set of perfectly matched gear Hi Online offered up on their convenient site.

Paris now comes with its own Hi-tech Sony Xperience, and a whole bunch of storage help from the Sandisk SD card its now packing.

I cant wait to show you France with vibrant FHD shooting.

As if I’d head to an international fashion week without locking down some amazing Beauty Travel Essentials, to play with.

I am very excited to collaborate with Swiitch Beauty for my Fashion Week escapades.

They have been making waves among the most prolific makeup artists, and beauty bloggers of authority.

While I’m amateur at best when it comes to makeup skills, I am incredibly fortunate to be budding up with internationally renowned Makeup Artist Raine Tauber for Paris Fashion Week….who is going to be providing me all the beauty tricks to surviving fashion week.

Stay tuned to her ‘gram, and my own throughout fashion week, for all the fun content you’ll be front row on.

Not many people consider Donna Claire a fashion brand…probably, in part, because voluptuous woman have very rarely even been considered worthy of design industry targeting. 🙄Strange considering the global averaged size of women veers far from the sample sized svelte models selling fashion everywhere.

I’d been one of the women who looked down on Donna as a true fashion store , even mused about its draw to people who shop there – like my mom.

Then I got an email from the Donna folk, challenging me with the opportunity to shop at their store for my trip to France.

I was already ballparking shapewear and sleepwear – so instinctively reductive of their fashion offerings. All I have to say now, is that I’m still lacking in shapewear & sleepwear, but my suitcase is populated with a few more lovely, worthwhile Fashion Blogger Travel Essentials, by Donna.

One of thee most trendy fine art jewelry designers, figured my life would be lacking without me sourcing a little(read: big) something

…Now here we are, and I am SO frikken excited to get to wear more Kirsten Goss.

What do you think of these stunners?

I am going to make more golden moments while in Paris, as I did in New York, so stay tuned!

Last year, during New York Fashion Week, I was attending an event at Saks Fifth Avenue, when a woman tried to buy my neckpiece right off of me.

I was wearing Afrigarde.

Obviously, I couldn’t relent at the time (mostly because it was important to my look of the night), but I loved the significance of the gesture.

I loved how it reaffirmed the belief I have maintained, in the unique beauty & value of the #proudlysouthafrican pieces Maria Meraai makes.

I am very excited to add Afrigarde pieces to my #frenchklaas luggage – for Paris Fashion Week this time!

Besides Paris Fashion Week, the one Tourist Trap I am most elated & emphatic about visiting, is The Palace of Versailles.

Here’s what has me stumped : WHAT ON EARTH AM I GOING TO WEAR?

I’m currently perusing my concise wardrobe, and coming up empty 😭

Any suggestions?

Right now I am thinking the only thing regal enough to step through all that opulence and history, is my gorgeous but worn-in Coast & Koi slippers.

Their unique design, exquisite intricate material & recent runway & lookbook appreciation by Reem Acra, makes them apropos for the occasion.

I’m always in awe of the friends I keep.

They consistently reveal the many ways they’re good humans, exceptionally skilled craftsman, and the best kind of in-the-know bro’s!

My excitement is revved up further thanks to this amazing Travel Essentials Goodie Bag Internationally renowned makeup artist (and my buddy) Raine Tauber, delivered to me, before I left Cape Town.

I am so amped to treat myself right, under her tutelage.


6+ years of blogging, honing my skill-set, networking etc. and I’ve just received confirmation of what’s often considered impossible in media circles: A bona-fide ticket confirmation to a scheduled Paris Fashion Week runway show.

Last year I wanted to bring SA to New York Fashion Week, without too much careful curation…but Paris deserves a less cavalier approach, so I chose these #proudlysouthafrican Travel Essentials with careful consideration for the originators of the fashion sensibility ‘Haute Couture’.

Lauded as one of the most interesting fashion design results of personal history and globalized innovation, Simon and Mary is joining me to bask in the city of love, and be confidant to my French roads less traveled.

I’m beginning to think this time around, I’m traveling with the age old wedding adage of:

Something Old. Something New. Something Borrowed & Something Blue.

Searching through my jewelry box, and thinking about whether to bring a little Soul Design Jewelry and Lorne Jewelry to Paris.

What do you think?

Tasteful | Feminine | Luxe

By any unit of measurable global style , these skillful dreamers do not come out lacking. I am so grateful to once again collaborate with this truly spectacular #proudlysouthafrican design house for Paris Fashion Week: Erre.

Renowned for their inclusive & sophisticated designs, Carina & Natasha have brought accessible quality design to the fore, to many South Africans – and even to Her Serene Highness , South African-born Monaco Royal Princess Charlene.

Erre ranks in my Top 3 favorite looks from when I attended New York Fashion Week last year; Their visionary trademark ‘Myri Dress’ bringing to any wearer, more than 6 other equally stylish and comfortable dress options during food, business, travel & fashion escapades…truly remarkable!

I do love a good book on any normal day. Travel days require one for when phone and laptop batteries go flat, and the novelty of flight entertainment wears off.

I’m thinking of grabbing my Lovecraft anthology for this trip.

What is your chosen selection?

There are some secret budget-friendly tech essentials you should get from Tech Collective.

They should be in your Top 3 shops to invest in travel gear like (pink or champagne colored)Power banks and portable camera lenses, remote camera controls and so much more.

There are many more Travel essentials, but you’ll just have to keep a whether eye on my social and blog, to catch up on what else you should invest in.

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