Solo Winter: A Cape Town Sunday Funday Guide

From “where to sleep?”, to “where to eat?”, and “where to shop?” …Winter for One can be a quiet & dull time as archetypal Summer activities dwindle & the people around you pair up for Fall cuddles.
However, you can have a wonderful Solo #SundayFunday if you plan it right.

Ready to eat and chill your way around Cape Town?

Paris Foodie Escapades: Chez Ribe Review

Tired of pushing through crowds around the Eiffel, or walking through the burning heat?

Chez Ribe is a convenient stop-over near the Invalides, where you can stay within your daily budget, with a value-for-money seated lunch somewhere cool, clean and interesting.

Travel Paris: Packing Travel Essentials

Going to Paris, is a gift in and of itself. Going to Paris during Fashion Week, initiates a frenzy of planning and anxiety. This is not just any fashion week or locale – this is the Fashion Capital of the world! Undisputed heavyweight champion of the finest sartorial and haute couture craft known to man….

Cape Town foodie Escapades: SeaBreeze Fish & Shell Review

Even in the throes of Fall, seafood is a steady craving floating through your head, seeking resolution. Those lucky enough to have their feet firmly placed on Cape Town soil, are close to some of the most delectable seafood cuisine – remastered into scrumptious delight, by world-renowned chefs in restaurant residence. Today’s foodie escapade takes…

Cape Town Foodie Escapades: The Daily Coffee Cafe CBD Review

Rustling footsteps, and curious glances – everybody walking across Cape Town’s central business district, and into this inner-city mall, is intrigued enough about the large clean windows, that they slow down and peer in. The widespread popularity of affordable caffeine and its accessibility in a hurry, has influenced a behavioral shift among SA’s working population….

Cape Town Foodie Escapades: Vergenoegd Löw Wine Estate

Pleasant. Vergenoegd Low Wine Estate is the epitome of pleasant on a Sunday afternoon. The expansive Vergenoegd estate, with its expansive 360 views of some of Cape Town’s best cityscapes, rests rather demurely, just off the highway to Stellenbosch. The estate has been headlining in the Cape Town youth demographic, most recently, due to their…

Travel South Africa: Escape to Shortmarket Street Apartment

Is Cape Town CBD’s hospitality moment over? Efforts to find reasonably priced places in the city, to rest your head without sharing said bed with bugs & room with other beings, leave most visitors to the Mother City frustrated…but I found a neat gem. There is a hospitality establishment with its interiors painted in soothing…

Cape Town Foodie Escapades: Lekker Vegan Review

Like I said the first and only time I ever reviewed a Vegan joint: “By definition and stereotype, I am a carnivore in the truest sense of the word. I’d damn near dropkick asparagus, to get to some gosh darn beef!” However, in the continued spirit of expanding my knowledge in this new year, and exploring…

Cape Town foodie escapades: Bosjes Review

I’ve only been back in the country for a bit, but I wanted to keep the momentum going, of all the fun foodie and travel escapades I’ve had. Luckily, there’s a gorgeous gem of a place located a road trip away from Cape Town, at the foot of the Waaihoek Mountain. Today’s foodie escapade takes…

Travel South Africa: Escape to Abalone House

Tranquil. In the moments few and far between, when you need peace and relaxation, there are only a smattering of destinations in Western Cape, ideal for idyllic repose. Paternoster is one of Western Cape’s distant coastal treasures. The fishing village is one of the oldest in South Africa’s West Coast. Roadtrip 160km to Paternoster, from…

My travels to New York: Planning and execution

This trip was a gift from my mom. Every time I gushed about my travel dreams; every laptop and cellphone wallpaper she saw; all the pop culture I spent hours saturated in, and every career goal I ever mapped out – she listened to…she observed. On the day commemorating my birth, she willed this incredible…

New York foodie escapades: Le Pain Quotidien Review

Fashion Week, and the hustle and bustle of Hudson Street, New York, can really get you exhausted quickly. I’ve found myself taking breaks in boutiques and cafe’s in Midtown, alike. Starbucks is my home away from home thanks to Frappuccino delights, but it was Le Pain Quotidien – a few meters away from New York…