Cool Summer Style: Body Positive Athleisure

Another day. Another Look.

I think I’ve held you captive enough with my images these past 2 days, but herein lies the final of my Body Positive Athleisure series.


I’ve had summer sun with my mustard yellow Puma Clyde’s, the futuristic calm of Puma & UEG, and now we have the coolness of a duplex.

The Duplex Evo sneaker is said to re-imagine its predecessor successfully, with a lightweight design. I’m not too interested in the jargon specificity of sneaker design, but I’ve heard phrases such as “outsole optimizations”, “flexibility” and “durability” being thrown around.

I consider it a slick, and streamlined sneaker, through its purely simple design with synthetic overlays.

I’m feeling supported as fuck in this monochromatic tone! I teamed the sneaks with a simple white (short cuz its summer) dress, sunnies by Eye Spy, and hair by Brazil Hair.

See that on my legs?

That’s my cellulite. Reality yo! No Airbrushing and no sadness.

Still hella stylish with this size.

Day 3 – Enjoyed the Athleisure ride?

Sit pretty. Something awesome this way comes…

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Good style. I like it. Maybe a modern design sneaker could be better. I mean something like this:
    What do you think?


    1. Those are sick! I love my Puma’s but those would have elevated the look for sure.


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