Thanks to the Designers, Hotels, PR folk & Brands that made my 2016

For many, 2016 has been a world of disappointment, but – while I can list the soul-crushing challenges of this year – I will focus on the amazing positive aspects right now.

This year has produced some amazing content for me; and this would not have been possible without the collaborations, the tireless efforts to add me to the roster, the professional generosity, and pure well-intentioned goodness of the souls listed below. This year has shown me to be good at the hustle; but the success of my efforts can only be measured by the figures who have vetted me, and seen the merits of my skill-set.

Ruff Tung

Since I first came to know Bridget and Ludwig, I have never had to worry to much about what I’m to wear as I brave red carpets. Ruff Tung has kept me crisp and stylish from Fashion Week, Film Festivals, Photo shoots, to Polo events. Thank you for being the kind of designers who think beyond the archetypal size zero, and design beautiful pieces that sit satisfyingly on a voluptuous form.

I hope we can continue sharing the fashion spotlight right to the bank!

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The Saxon Hotel, Villas & Spas

I’m just going to go on ahead and quote my previous statement on this:

“Guys. Ladies & Gentleman – and all other variations between – this is the hotel. Those fabled ones so exclusive that they don’t even need to advertise….I opened my suite and be still my decadent heart, but that room was totes beautiful.”

I will likely never get the opportunity to stay at such a 5-star wonder again, but I think I still have some residual shock I can feed my spoiled heart with, from that amazing first experience. It was an honor to encounter something so decadently esoteric, and I will forever gush about The Saxon, to all who will listen.

Laloo Jewelry 

I’ve always been touchy about beads hey. To me, because of the fashion cultural appropriation that has occurred globally, I found any beaded item playing up the African thematic nearly unpalatable for my style

…but Laloo Jewelry wouldn’t let me stick to my convictions.

I always say I’m committed to pushing a more contemporary image of the African motif – particularly as it pertains to fashion and styling, so I really fell for a few of the Laloo Jewelry when I first scouted them. The beaded aspect isn’t overwhelmingly stereotypical, and for that, I have to give it up to Jeannie. Thank you for not only working with me, but for making me reconsider rocking beads.

Aretha Bauwens

Meeting actress, businesswoman, and model Aretha Bauwens, was serendipitous. I not only made a friend, but found a kindred fashion and beauty spirit. There’s a whole story to it, but just know that she has brought focus and positivity to my life in the brief time we’ve been acquainted. My hair also thanks her. In between our random photoshoots around Cape Town, I’ve been much more diligent in my beauty care because of this lady.

GC Communication

Public Relations folks rarely get an outright nod for their efforts, but they are usually the ones bringing us in to campaigns, and making our lives sweeter with commissioned work, gifts and invites. I want to say thank you for acknowledging my existence, and getting a momentary reprieve from my homebody life, by letting me experience things like the Burn the Floor dance production, and Kevin Hart…not to mention that Loco new Savanna Premium Cider that went down crazy tangy.

Fairlawns Boutique Hotel

Fairlawns was a rewarding hospitality experience, and appeals to my blogger heart, due to its memorable characteristics:

Sanctuary | Beauty  | Uniqueness | Exclusivity | Taste

Thank you for your genuinely friendly service, and letting me wallow in idyllic interior and exterior decor. The ambiance has me forever wishing I could make your property my own.


Okay, so this collabo was probably approved because I’m ridiculously persistent and they got annoyed at the flood of emails I sent continuously…but still! I want to thank H&M for letting me turn Cape Town into a colorful tapestry painted with their threads and my style. I enjoyed learning more about the company while in your show space, and felt pleased that a global brand like H&M would deign to work with me – however brief.

Soul Design

Are you kidding me?

Where do I start?

To be involved with a brand that makes pieces you know were taken straight out of your head, is nothing short of awesome. I’m a gypsy girl at heart, so I love brass bling, and layering necklaces and bangles for effect. Interviewing Abi was really a lesson in how designers more often than not, transcend one design niche, and live their work. I’ve seen the Soul Design studio and some of the conceptual pieces; and while everything is wearable for a great majority, its also so subtly unique in fitting in with decor and clothing, you couldn’t be disrespectful enough to find fault in anything they make.

Thank you for letting me take designs of the soul on my fashion and travel journeys.

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Coast & Koi Shoes

Not a single shoe made by Coast & Koi is alike to another. Can you imagine that? Being creative enough to design and hand-make each shoe to a singular and unique design, is incredible. You wear the world on your feet with Coast and Koi’s luxurious shoes, and I love that!

Thank you for letting me tread through 2016 with a pair of your pretty designs!

Rovos Rail

Rovos Rail invited me to take a once-in-a-lifetime journey though parts of South Africa, that I had never stepped foot in. I am better for it. There is  a price tag for this experience, but OH!what an experience.

From the moment my Uber dropped me off at their secluded Headquarters, I was thrown back in time, to a decadent travel experience saturated in the finest craftsmanship and luxurious hospitality. The opulence of everything Rovos, was matched only by the incredible warmth of their entire team. I’d make myself a permanent Rovosion traveler if I had the means, but alas…I’ll cling to the beautiful memories, and never stop gushing/bragging about my trip, in thanks.

Brand collective

To new beginnings!

A big thanks to Brand Collective for introducing me to some kick-ass Australian brands, like: Jorge Clothing and Fate Clothing. Its always nice to tap into new fashion avenues, in order to play with your taste a little.

Erre Fashion

Have I ever slayed so basic is black?

Damn! I frikken want so many Erre designs its not even funny. For my first foray into the Johannesburg circuit, Erre gave me the opportunity to rock their threads to fashion week, and ERMAHGERD! I – pardon my wording – f*cking SLAYED! Thank you for letting me kill the streetstyle game with apparel that works so stylishly with a curvy, tall form.


I never actually thought I’d have the opportunity to work with any global brands but owmygoshowmygosh Puma decided I’m worthy. I’m not gonna lie hey…they validated my existence a little.

Sarah from Splash PR, has been instrumental in making some of my online campaigns with Puma, come to fruition. Thanks for the event invites and introductions too S!

From limited edition Puma Clyde‘s to UEG‘s and Duplex Evo‘s, the Puma folk have been good for my fashion evolution. I didn’t think I had it in me to wear sneakers for anything other than exercising. Thanks for making my 2016 so fun you guys!

Eye Spy

You need only look at my Instagram posts to see how in love with Eye Spy, I am.

I thought our collabo would start and end with Joburg Fashion Week alone, but here we are giving my winter and summer looks a reflective finish, thanks to them sunnies. Thank you for finding favor with my pitch Tay; and subsequently elevating my fashion OOTD’s with your sunglasses.

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Merwe Mode

I found the Merwe Mode AW16 Collection indiscriminately lovely, so obviously I went to read up on them…and found their previous collections to deserve a nod of acknowledgment too. One thing led to another and my body doesn’t ever wanna take off their shirt dress. Thank you for letting me enjoy this piece Deeva!

SA fashion is actually being bought by locals and those beyond the borders, as some Brit recognized the design while I was at the airport. That made me pleased as punch. #ProudlySAimg_6856-4272x2848

Panashe Lifestyle

Still an unknown name within SA, but with craftmanship that boutiques abroad recognize, Panashe Lifestyle is on a journey that will see its high-end product used by a specific and impactful group of stylish individuals. Thank you for letting me join the ranks of the stylish with these bags.

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