Outfit of the Day: The Stepford Wife

You bet your shapely derriere I can pull off The Stepford Wife look.

…well a modern re-imagined version atleast.IMG_0951 (2848x4272)

This isn’t a styled up photoshoot look. I would wear this any day my good people.

Today I’m taking you to: The 12 Apostles Hotel‘s Leopard Bar on the fringes of Cape Town.

The hotel is an award-winning 5-star boutique hotel, poised beautifully above the Atlantic Ocean, and flanked by the worlds 7th wonders of nature – Table Mountain.

“The hotel overlooks luminescent marine reserve and has the longest hours of sunshine in Cape Town, guaranteeing remarkable Atlantic Ocean sunsets.”

The hotel is open to any manner of folk willing to lay a little cash down for some over-all classy goodness.

Today I’m rocking: 

  • Hard candy totem earrings woven with tigerseye and glass, and hanging from 14kt gold filled hooks and chain, by Laloo Jewelry.
  • Sunglasses from my own collection.
  • A silk scarf from China.
  • A white jersey top by Studio. W.
  • A knee-length circle skirt in scuba-look fabric, with a printed pattern, by H&M and available in SA stores in 3 months time.
  • Premium Quality Suede Oxford shoes with closed lacing,  from H&M‘s menswear collection – and available in SA stores in 3 months time.
  • Four Seasons Squangles with amethyst, green and red jade and jasper gemstones, by  Laloo jewelry.
  • Gemstone Spiked Squangle woven with leapskin jasper and glass, by  Laloo jewelry.
  • Hair, and the Groove drawstring bag, by Aretha Bauwens. (How colorfully tasteful is that bag guys?!)

You know what’s funny? For all of the snide commentary being passed around of international trendy fashion store chains making their way to South Africa, and seemingly assumed to be expensive; when H&M breaks down their essence, it’s simply “fashion and quality at the best price”. So is it even a struggle to imagine how they’ve succeeded in converting nearly 70% of the SA youth into the H&M way?!

Day 3 done.

I hope you enjoyed the classy picturesque style journey today.

I give myself a solid 7/10 for this day look. What say you?

Stay tuned for more!


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    Stunning! 😀

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