Sunny Summer Style: Body Positive Athleisure

Since sportswear has ascended to the foremost fashion trend ranks these past couple of seasons, so has interest regarding the lifestyle and style surrounding it, been peaked among real people.

Athleisure is essentially sportswear worn as casual wear.

I hate exercise with a passion. I do not like feeling my own sweat, accumulating body odor as I get further angered by the incessant societal pressures to push myself further in order to acquire the unrealistic ideal body type…just…Urgh! So much of the work!

What I do like is fashion and comfort; which is why athleisure is my steez. You may not have seen quite a bit of posts on my Instagram regarding donning such apparel, but that’s only because I’ve been too leisurely enjoying life in clothing comfort, to really post my cool threads.

However, today I have a treat for you.

In time-honored tradition, I got my friend – who knows her way around a camera and natural light – to capture some moments of me putting my athleisure to the test (stretching to my body’s curves is a mission for any material folks), with various Puma sneakers developing a kick-ass foundation for awesome looks.


I wore them to Fashion Week first, and they worked the red carpet with an eye-catching look even I could not have emulated quite so well.

Puma Clyde’s were originally Basketball legend Walter Frazier’s signature footwear, and went on to become skateboarding and hip hop culture’s trusty sneaker. 2016 has brought out Puma’s tasteful side  – with designs and collaborations that have transcended their usual clientele, to include a juxtaposition of fresh new interest.

…and now I rock a piece of history with my mustard yellow suede Clyde’s from Puma Select, that are homage to an NBA great.

On my back is a custom leather backpack by Panashe lifestyle that’s accompanied me on many a cross-country trips, and colourful hair by Brazil Hair.

As you can tell from the images: I’m feeling my best self; and mother nature gave me a natural Beyonce-like fan to make them tresses blow in the wind. If I was ever to forsake my swimming for the gym, this is one of the looks that would have me in there, concentrating less on how people are looking at me and my flaws, and more about the work-out.

but I like me as is for now, so there I go chilling on steps…athlesiure man!

Catch more looks coming up soon!

Image credits: Twala Ngambi

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