Paris Fashion Week 2018: Day Three Outfit of the Day

I revel in drama.

I am a situational extrovert – which means, for the most part, I am an introvert who is able to manifest a sliver of social skills & graces, when necessary.

One polarizing personality trait that stands in defiance of this fact, is that when I am aware I look good, I love to make an entrance; halting conversations & arresting the gaze of those within the vicinity of my self-titled, awe-inspiring look.

I woke up feeling dramatic on this day, and so I decided to whip up another #ProudlySouthAfrican look for what would be one of the last days I have tickets to shows, at the acclaimed Paris Fashion Week.

I am so pleased I got all my wigs styled in Cape Town, because the professional I hired, whipped these babies in to shape.

The result, made for spectacular imagery.

I am wigged by Aretha Bauwens Hair.

The skirt is by Erre Fashion – once again being unwilling to be caught in anything less but voluminous, flattering and beautiful.

On this day, I covered the Christian Wijnants SS19 Runway show at the Palais Brongniant – which was a showcase unto itself (Stay tuned for the full review coming soon).

I also attended the Andrew GN showcase at the Beaux Arts de Paris, and that stands as one of my favorites so far.

So what do we think of the look?

Stay tuned for more looks…

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