Cape Town Foodie Escapades: La Petite Ferme Review

I guess that in light of my upcoming trip to Paris, french cuisine is beginning to fully enter into my foodie rotation.

The French have a reputation of refinement – proud of their centuries old heritage, which has become the penultimate standard of all that is classy and cultured.

There’s something to be said for how easy one can acquiesce to the seductions of food, when there’s a skillful master at the kitchen helm, I guess.

French folks deft hand in creating new horizons in food with fresh ingredients and unprecedented culinary artistry, rendered their cuisine exquisite wonders equal only to the natural World Wonders we travel thousands of kilometers to observe, today.

I’m a visual creature of many habits and virtues – one of which remains a steadfast appreciation of vibrant colors working in beautiful symmetry, and good food had in amazing spaces.

Today’s foodie escapade takes me to a place where: what’s on the plate, is nearly as aesthetically pleasing as the landscapes surrounding the property.

Welcome, to La Petite Ferme.

La Petite Ferme Restaurant has the advantage of some of the finest kitchen masters in the country, working on providing visitors with a gastronomy journey through fine homely country-style cuisine.

Pastry Chef Oscar, Sous Chef Maveer, and Head Chef Kyle – and the rest of the kitchen staff under their employ – do not pull back on their delivery, and I witnessed every single visitor eat so thoroughly and with such enjoyment, that not a single crumb or gravy trail was left…seriously, people went in on the plated flowers too.

…But what of my meal?

My Meal

As if I would ever step foot into a fine restaurant, and not opt for a three-course meal to tranquillize the skinny girl in me, always trying to make a break for it.

I began with the Grapevine Smoked Duck, which stands a hair above the rest, this fall.

It was an absolute joy to be introduced to the restaurants dining experience, with such artful care – not only in plating, but flavor.

Order this, and meet the juxtaposed flavors of: black cherry tuile, candied carrot roots, pomegranate, micro greens and grilled green onions; finding a way to marry their flavors beautifully on your tongue, as you also munch on the slices of perfectly smoked duck.

Next to the tummy was an apparent La Petite Ferme Classic: the Slow-Roasted Lamb.

There was an incredible relationship happening in my mouth, between everything cooked & plated with the succulent (and frankly perfectly made) Lamb.

The aubergine, tomato soil, candied rosemary, fondant potatoes, plum, red wine jus, and spuma mint yogurt found a steady rhythm of making each individual ingredient’s flavor pop, while also playing supporting cast mates to a unified taste production.


Sweet! Give me sweet!

I ordered(read: demanded) the Dark Chocolate Mousse, while my friend chose the Warm Malva Pudding.

The Mousse was incredibly tasty without overwhelming you with sweetness.It also maintained a lovely supple firm form.

I found it interesting – the odd kind you eventually find enjoyable – how the dish’s accompanying beetroot textures, orange gel and cheesecake evolved the mousse into an intriguing, tasty dessert not solely defined by the mousse.

The Malva pudding would placate even the toughest critique. How can you find any fault in what you get when you bite into  a spoonful of Guava sorbet, cinnamon, basil, vanilla shortbread, and coffee-cardamon creme anglaise.


There are only truly 2 handfuls of sublime fine eateries in South Africa’s Western Cape province, and you know what?!

La Petite Ferme makes the cut.

The welcome at the front desk of the establishment, might be slightly lacking in genuine warmth, but the fire-warmed interior and sophisticated decor off-set by a panoramic view of the Franschhoek valley, more than balances everything out.

Come here, to eat country cuisine with a fresh contemporary touch, with the family, a date, a lover…or spoil yourself because you can enjoy the very best on your own, too.

A resounding 8/10 on food.

What about the health nuts & vegetarians?

A true restaurant that is in it for the long haul, never forgets the 21st century dietary needs of people living in a cosmopolitan, lifestyle city.

La Petite Ferme has a contained menu, but it lacks for nothing as far as a great flavor journey is considered.

Try their Baked Camembert starter, or Carrot 7 Ways main course. You will not be disappointed.

*Note: Please consult with your server to ascertain how much the restaurant can accommodate your dietary requirements or substitutions.

What of the drinks & booze?

The food may be the result of the chefs experimentation with various flavors, ingredients and textures, but the drinks follow an archetypal model.

La Petite Ferme has wines from their estate, or you can choose from their selection of MCC’s, digestif’s, whiskies, beer etc.

I’m partial to the soft drinks, coffee’s and teas.

 La Petite Ferme Restaurant get’s an all-round 8/10

La Petite Ferme

Franschhoek Pass Road, PO Box 683, Franschhoek, 7690, South Africa

Tel:+27 (0) 21 876 3016


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