Travel Essentials: Multi-Design Myri Dress

It’s raining on my side of the world, and I was thinking about what I’d wear if I had to venture out.

Sure, boots and jeans, and an anorak are easy pickings – but they scream utilitarian, rather than functionally chic, right?!

So I circled back to my wardrobe archives and ruminated on each piece.

And I actually found that one of my dependable summer favourites by a local fashion house, could work for bleak weather – taking on rains, and runways, winds, wine, and even the dour English greys.

The ERRE Myri Dress is Transformative.

It does to the wearer, what it’s done to fashion as a whole: transform it!

ERRE is a fashion brand renowned for their inclusive and sophisticated designs. The duo of Carina & Natasha, have brought accessible quality design to many, including myself, and even to Her Serene Highness, (South African-born) Princess Charlene of Monaco.

I adore their visionary trademark Myri Dress.

It brings to any wearer, more than 10 other equally stylish and comfortable dress options, for any food, business, travel and fashion escapades.

There are loops and buttons, that are discretely and strategically placed all about the dress, that aid in transforming this one garment, into a breath of fresh ERRE with every wearing.

Another thing about the Myri Dress:

It works for so many Dress Codes.

  • Got a red carpet event? Sorted!
  • Want something easy but formal, for a funeral? I’ve been there.
  • Need a vacation fit? Done!
  • Must have comfortable gear for errands? That’s it!

I do local and international fashion weeks quite consistently, and the Myri has stood the test of time (and fashion critics), as I’ve worn it to New York Fashion Week in one iteration, and Paris Fashion Week in another way.

I have even worn my Myri when I was an audience member to The Jimmy Kimmel Show in Los Angeles.

Television studios not only have their dress code rules, but the spaces themselves are cold; the Myri was adaptable to the setup – despite the up and down California weather outside too!

Need a Styling Tip for your Myri?

My key styling tip beyond just getting the dress, is simple: Always play with various textures!

Try blending soft textiles (like suede sneakers) and bright colours, with polarizing ones. Play with Satin in brighter hues, burnished gold jewellery, and particularly thick woollen materials like a tweed blazer.

These are some things that would pair well in an ensemble that includes the simple Myri dress – whether you get the black, yellow, pink, or red one.

And if you’re ever wanting to further restyle your Myri Dress look, you have a world of accessories and accompaniments to play with.

Try loping in belts of different fabrics and patterns, add highly textured pieces like Felt hats in bold tones, or add a really chic patterned trench to sit off the shoulder.

The Myri Dress is a keeper of a wardrobe item – for every season, and for people with varied styles.

What would you wear your myri with?

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