Travel Los Angeles: Get Free Tickets to Jimmy Kimmel, The Voice, and more…

I usually start my Travel Series posts with Travel Essentials and some Fashion Week Outfit breakdowns excitedly, but for lack of a Los Angeles Fashion Week happening in September – and the fact that I am too excited about the entertainment world of LA – I had to give you guys the lowdown, on how to wholly immerse yourself into Hollywood, short of auditioning for a feature film.

When I planned my trip to New York in 2017, I discovered something incredible: Literally anybody in the city at the time of a scheduled taping, could get free tickets to famous television shows like NBC’s Late Show with Seth Meyers, the infamous decade-strong Wendy Williams Show, and Jimmy Fallon’s star-studded giggle-fest (The Tonight Show).

The website I found, only needed you to set up an account (which does not require your banking details or anything) and just start applying to get waitlisted for their absolutely free tickets.

I was in New York for Fashion Week, but wanted to have an entirely ‘New York Minute’ of a pop culture trip…ended up landing tickets to my homeboys show, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah!

In Los Angeles, I managed to select a perfect time-slot to attend ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, right before I departed back home to South Africa.

I’m a huge Kimmel fan – particularly the Halloween candy prank parents play on their kids – so I was chuffed as hell to log back into The 1iota website, and find a ticket secured.

The website is the ONLY official website to get these kinds of free tickets beyond the actual shows sites (see: The Ellen DeGeneres Show), and one is GREATLY advised NOT to buy tickets from anyone peddling them online, or along the glittering Walk of Fame outside the theatre.

Okay, so the studio is way smaller than the norm, but Kimmel has an incredible team behind him.

Guests are welcomed incredibly warmly and efficiently. The warm-up guy is a little too mean for my palate, but I’m kind of in love with the usher/guest relations guy!

You’re not allowed to film at any point you walk into El Capitan Theatre, where Jimmy Kimmel Live! broadcasts out of, but you can try snap a selfie outside because apparently your free show ticket also entitles you to entry to the Jimmy Kimmel Live Mercedes-Benz Concerts – a series segment which has incredible musical performances for an audience, right at the theatre’s lot.

I got to enjoy a medley of rock songs, by Cage the Elephant.

Fitted in a fire engine red Myri Dress, by ERRE

If you’d like to catch the episode I was front row for, then check out the below clips, which feature the new cast for The Charlies Angels reboot (starring Kristen Steward and Elizabeth Banks):

…and the show also had Freddie Highmore (of hit TV Show The Good Doctor), whom I rather loved in the film August Rush:

The Free Ticket Facts:

  1. Tickets are not guaranteed, just because you applied to be waitlisted. The site will drop you an email notification should you be approved (based off of a first-come/first-served basis), which means you are to collect the number of tickets you applied for, by downloading/printing them from the website.
  2. The television programs and late shows, like Dr. Phil, James Corden, or The Voice, are not all filmed in one location. You have got to make sure you know where each show you want to go to, films. There are some in Burbank, Hollywood, Downtown etc. It can sometimes take hours to commute around LA, so you have to know locations, times, and means of transport.
  3. The website just gets you a free ticket, if you’re lucky enough, They are not there to secure you some accommodation, flights, food or anything else.
  4. The shows are usually taped early morning or late in the afternoons. Arrive reasonably early guys, otherwise you may not be let in because there are hundreds of hopefuls queuing outside the theatre to seize a seat.
  5. You are able to choose a day that works for you, provided that the tickets are not sold out, or if the program is not filming that day.
  6. You can actually apply for up to 4 tickets at one time.
  7. Dress cute but comfortable – the camera (and the many shows dress codes) do not like hats, shorts, and white or striped clothing. Also, the studios are often cold as hell, so bring a jacket.
  8. Depending on the show, in-between filming, the audience might be entertained with games and quizzes – which means you may win a prize. I WON A T-SHIRT!
  9. There’s an age factor for audience members, so sorry 15 year olds and under.
  10. No matter where you go in life, always bring an ID.
  11. Have fun! No one attending these shows should have lame energy, as these programs thrive on positive and energetic vibes.

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