Travel Los Angeles: Why Mama Shelter is LA’s Best Rooftop Bar

The more you start travelling, the more you uncover consummate hotel collections (both luxe and layman) and hospitality companies, beyond the Marriott, Holiday Inn, Radisson, Small Luxury Hotels, The Leading Hotels etc.

In my search for both quintessential and inspired contemporary Parisian abodes, when I attended Paris Fashion Week a season or 2 ago, I discovered Mama Shelter – a sterling global collection of unpretentious hotels.

“Mama is for everyone. It doesn’t mean that everyone is going to like Mama, but it’s within our name: Mama Shelter — the mother, the caring one, the loving one. And the Shelter, that is for everyone to be protected from the negativity going on the world.” – Jeremie Trigano (Mama Shelter co-founder), to Travel + Lesiure

Much like its various French siblings, the California branch of Mama Shelter, is saturated with affable style and peppy hospitality.

I truly appreciate the aesthetic|experience|affordability dance, choreographed for millenials, at this chic example of a forward-thinking boutique hotel.

The hotel collection, has a unique brand identity as far as global hospitality is concerned – they’re playful!

It’s a joy to step foot into Mama Shelter‘s open spaces, inclusive to weary travellers, thirsty office workers, vibe-seekers, digital nomads, and vagabonds alike.

If you don’t believe the hype, then let me use the time-honoured tradition of celebrity validation, to convince you: Beyonce & Jay-Z have been spotted dining here before!

One is tempted into staying hours, thanks to a heady combination, of: nostalgic arcade gaming, the pillars of bar entertainment, cutting edge interior design, and -if you’re staying overnight – even the organic amenities.

Whether it’s a shared room or spacious suite, one is never without the marriage of comfort and functionality here.

Pop Culture cannot, and will not, escape this shelter too!

The hotel also boasts LA-centric blockbuster movie scripts & screenplays (think Pulp Fiction &The Big Lebowski), within the rooms.

Image Courtesy of Mama Shelter

Guests to the establishment, are encapsulated in cool, design-driven spaces (which includes rooms with an iMac)…but it’s the rooftop that really speaks to the essence of the collections brand identity.

Image Courtesy of Mama Shelter

The firm foundation the fantastic Mama Shelter rooftop bar atmosphere rests on, is the simple principle of being a fun, service-driven communal space.

It makes for an efficient service, from some of the most stunning examples of what the human gene pool is capable of.

Even with construction happening right next door to the hip has hell hotel & bar, I was happily high on sun & Sangria, in the thick of: sunbathers, Valley Girls, Influencers, businesswoman having lunch meetings, and ‘Happy Hour’ enthusiasts.

Come here for cheap nibbles, or gorge yourself on decadent steaks.

At Mama Shelter, your pizza is delivered in cardboard boxes, while drinks like Sangria, comes in festive jugs and cute brass cups.

There is straight caffeine to wake you all the way up, and delicious cocktails to mellow you as you soak up the soft California sun.

‘Eclectic’ sums up the range of prices, clients, choices, and the general vibe of this popular LA watering hole.

I’m spoiled at Mama Shelter, but I could yearn for slightly more because the global franchise has so many unique entertainment options – specially suited to the individualised hotel design and locale – that I petulantly want more

perhaps another room like the Japaneses-style Karaoke room in Mama Shelter London?

Would you guys visit Mama? …because I’m almost guaranteed to return!

Image Courtesy of Mama Shelter

Mama Shelter Los Angeles

Address: 6500 Selma Avenue, 90028, Los Angeles, California

Tel: + 1 323 785 6600


Rooftop BAR Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 12:00PM – 1:00AM
Friday: 11:00AM – 2:00AM
Saturday: 11:00AM – 2:00 AM
Sunday: 11:00AM – 1:00AM

Rooftop LUNCH Hours:
Monday-Wednesday: closed for lunch (rooftop bar is still open)
Thursday – Sunday: 11:00AM – 5:00PM

Rooftop DINNER Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 5:30PM – 10:30PM
Wednesday – Sunday: 5:00PM – 10:30PM

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