Travel Los Angeles: Downtown Gypsy with Graffiti

“Never be afraid to reinvent yourself” – a quote I spotted while roaming Los Angeles’s Fashion District.

Art meets fashion within LA’s most celebrated creative hub: Downtown Los Angeles.

While roaming the ever buzzing DTLA, I walked into carefully curated museums and stark galleries

…but the heart of the district was on the streets.

The textured district boasts up to 11 art galleries, and just as many grand-scaled murals.

I thoroughly enjoyed grabbing a taco at places like Sonoratown, and viewing ofttimes unobstructed views of abstract art in vibrant hues.

The Fashion corner of LA is best enjoyed, while threaded like me: in stylish local gear!

📸 Francesca Carlotti // @francic_gdesigner
Dress: Kindom // @kindomshop
Jacket: Raga // @Shopraga
Hat: Millionaire // @millionaireredefined

Honorary mention: my favorite Earrings by @for_lorne

LA is hot guys…no Joke!

It’s easy to get parched while exploring the expansive City of Angels.

I’m weirdly obsessed with how many types of water brands they have here – there’s a buttload!

Light and graphics create some of the best aesthetics here.

Move from one wall, to the adjacent, and you’ve got an entirely different story to tell, image-wise.

So, are you loving this chic gypsy-esque look, captured on the streets of LA?

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