Travel Los Angeles: A Luxe Layover Look in PUMA

“Luxe” is often tied to quality, expensive, and sophisticated designer clothing –  but the insistence by millenials, to evolve the traditional demarcations of fashion, has resulted in luxury’s adaptation.

Welcome to the new age of luxury: Modern, refined, and f*cking spectacular in its innovation – whether by design, styling, or marketing.

PUMA has had a hand in elevating the functionality of sports style and traditional ‘hood’ street style, and it has been a joy exploring where my personal style fits in to this new age.

My annual vacation, has taken me to Los Angeles this time.

While layovers are usually a pain for anybody who hates air travel, I rather love the opportunity to explore new ground. I travel with style; choosing airlines being as much a location and numbers game, as it is contingent on comfort and security.

For those not in the know: flying with Dutch airline KLM and Air France, means layovers in Amsterdam or Paris.

I got 9 hours in France’s Charles de Gaulle airport, and I made sure to wrap myself in the comfiest PUMA gear currently available:

A PUMA x Sue Tsai hooded dress, long-sleeved, and made with a soft poly-cotton blend and french terry lining. The first thing that drew me to the piece, was the scribbled lines of poetry, cute illustrations, and hand-drawn doodles.

The design and details, made for something so nostalgic of inner-city youths penchant to customise their new & old gear, with sketches and such.

The PUMA x Ralph Sampson retro mid-top sneaker, is the second-coming of the iconic 80s court silhouette.

I could not pass up on the reissue celebrating Basketball Hall-of-Famer Ralph Sampson and his legacy (a legacy which includes him always seen in a PUMA sweat suit with matching sneakers).

It’s so strange for me to be drawn to a high-top, as my PUMA sneaker safe zone, is the regular suede’s…but heading to the city where ‘Sneakerheadz’ culture originated, required a change of pace, and an appreciation for archived memorabilia.

The retro gold-branded court sneaker has: a padded collar and tongue, with fitted leather overlays around the ankle. It has textured rubber soles, contrast colour PUMA Formstrip overlays on lateral side, as well as a gold hand-written effect signature of Ralph Sampson.

I’m digging this unisex style sneaker, and my own wardrobes, crossover game.

The PUMA Jogger track-pants were an impulse of styling. With their ribbed/elasticised cuffs, and a fleece lining providing me with day-long warmth and comfort, I had to relinquish my initial jeans for the merits of these PUMA sweats.

Are you loving it?


Even if you think you have excellent eyesight, I HIGHLY recommend booking an affordable eye test, at The Oculus Eyewear.

With cutting edge technology, and insane skill, it was discovered, I could probably afford to see a bit better than what I thought, was perfect vision.

The Oculus has stunning designer eyewear from across the world , but what they’re working on right now, might just be next level!

Now, can we appreciate just how frikken cute my one-of-a-kind Oculus glasses, are?!

They are made with due consideration for my facial features, style sensibilities, and functionality. I never actually had to take them off during my trip. They do not irritate my face by any measure – a feat in and of itself!

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