Cape Town Foodie Escapades: The Dairy Den Review


Today, we celebrate making it through half of the week, with sweet treats of the dairy persuasion.

Cape Town is starting to develop more refined options for its niche’ish markets, and Sea Point seems to be the hub of quick and cool nibbles…but are they pushing out something tasty?

Today’s foodie escapade takes me to the bustling but sunny Sea Point neighborhood; and into a lighthearted bespoke dessert space, nestled conveniently along the Main Road between the restaurant Nonna Lina, and acclaimed Jerry’s Burger bar.

Welcome, to The Dairy Den.

“Soft Serve & Doh!nut Specialists”

I like a place that keeps its premise simple: ‘we indulge your loves, your cravings, and your sweeter disposition’.

The Dairy Den is a dedicated, sister-owned doughnut and ice cream bar. They are the latest Cape Town inductees, into desserteries.

Lexi & Tasia have figured out the formula to keep people coming (as is evident by the scores of Insta’ selfie babies, parents and curious walkabouts hanging in the establishment): create or remind people of good childhood (or warm afternoon) experiences, and they’ll never forget your piece of heaven.

We’ve all had okay soft serve, sometime around hot days and school holidays past. Heading to The Dairy Den means licking a daily swirled, quality version of a memory…or sampling something new(a Strawberry Cheescake doughnut, what?! YES!), deep-fried and sugary – without the usual horrendous cheap aftertaste, or the cloying icing thickness, coating the back of your throat.

The Dairy Den has ice cream cones made of Oreos. ‘Nuff Said, right?!

I rediscovered my love of Turkish Delight in the fresh doughnut section, which offers up classics like fresh cinnamon sugar doughnuts too.

The interior is reminiscent of a diner, without being kitschy and expansive. It’s pink, white & black color scheme, could have been overwhelming, but in the confined space of the bar, it ends up being an adorably light haven, housing delightful people and accompanying goodies.

“…but what of the food Ollie?”

My Treats

I gave the co-owner carte blanche to amaze my sweet tooth (which doesn’t have an overtly particular palate) and she delivered.

DO(Z)NUTS are soooooo good.

Are you a Speckled Eggs or Kit Kat kind of person? 

Either way you’ll bite into these doughnuts, and hum with happiness.

Have a look at the display in the dessert bar, and you’ll be spoiled for choice. It’s not just icing, powdered sugar, and a fried circle. There is genuine innovative thought in the development of the perfect batter, icing, and flavor mixes.

They don’t want you to be overwhelmed.

You’ve got to leave people with just enough want, to return.

Whatever Greek family recipe, 2 generations of the owners family has spent collaboratively developing in South Africa since 1948, they need to hand over, or I’m buying into the family business!

Only three flavors of soft serve are available here, but what smooth and convincing chocolate, strawberry and vanilla options they are.

It is an enjoyable level of richness!

The strawberry taste is genuinely robust and luxe in the best way. I highly recommend the one I had, with the Belgian chocolate.

Otherwise here’s what your soft serve, could be served with: Toppings like crumbled chocolate sprinkles, biscuits, caramel sauce, and pre-prepared combos such as the Mint Dragon – I wont tell you what’s in it. Time for your own foodie adventure to find out what that’s about.

Your soft serve will come to you in a black Oreo cone, a cutesy pink and white striped cup, or it can also be delivered as ‘the belter you guys….

Image courtesy of The Dairy Den

“Any donut of your choice, served on one of our black cones topped with the soft serve of your choice. Delish!”

I’m totes trying it next time.


Don’t rush the experience, even though they can accommodate your need for a quick sugar rush,  afternoon energy boost, or late night craving.

Enjoy the simplicity of the affordable cutesy bar, and the complexity of its colorful mixes.

Buy in bulk, and head to the beach for a day of relaxation and sweet pleasures, or head home for Netflix and couchpotating.

What about the health nuts & vegetarians?

The menu at The Dairy Den, is yummy in its ingredient choices; but consult the helpful attendee at the front desk, for a true idea of how accommodating they are for health nuts, vegans, the lactose intolerant, vegetarians etc.

What of the drinks & booze?

Who needs booze?


For your sipping pleasure, there is also: some local, custom-roasted coffee, shakes, some water (You know you might be a little thirsty if you’re Capetonian), and hot chocolate.

The Dairy Den get’s an all-round 7/10.

The Dairy Den

148 Main Road, Sea Point, Cape Town, Western Cape
Opening Hours
Tues – Sun: 10h00 – 22h30


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