Favored Hideouts: The Westin

As far as favored hideouts go, The Westin in Cape Town is number one on my list.

Situated directly across from the Cape Town International Convention Center, it is a glass-paneled hotel with 483 guest rooms and suites that are simply elegant and exquisite. The Westin is one of the hotels that belongs to the Starwood Hotels and Resorts, known notoriously across the world for their 5-star excellence in the hospitality industry.

The view from the top is a sublime overview of the Cosmopolitan Cape Town city, and this hotel does not have to worry about larger buildings casting a shadow because it stands as the highest in the area.IMG_0617


I got to experience the luxury of one of the suites in the hotel, called the presidential ‘Star of Africa‘ suite – valued at R40 000.00c per night.


The lounge area has the trappings of an corporate office waiting room, or the envy-worthy display of a CEO’s office.


It had furniture likely imported from all exotic global locales known for their attention to detail and their preoccupation with quality. This lounge was outfitted with simplistic off-white couches, gleaming cherrywood and glass tables.


…and lest we forget the mandatory minimalist art pieces displayed tastefully.


The kitchen is a small corner where one can request a full stock of incredibly high priced and tasty alcohol and fresh foods that speak to the suites saturation of luxurious revelry.



There was a walk-in wardrobe and an adorable compact office.

However, it was the bathroom that tickled my fancy beyond a reasonable doubt.

Personal Sauna anyone?


Molton Brown amenities


One can open and close the floor-to-ceiling window covers.IMG_0647

Terry robes for the ultimate decadence.IMG_0659

The bedroom is a prime location to lay ones head.

Fashioned in warm but minimalist decor, it is easy to see why many would want to wake up here.IMG_0660


Egyptian cotton with an absolutely insane and cloud-like thread count.

The gold trim is subtle and tasteful.IMG_0662

The Westin’s official ranking: 9/10

It’s worthy of praise and it’s numerous hospitality accolades.IMG_0677

Convention Square

Lower Long Street

Cape Town


South Africa

Phone: +27 21 412 9999

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