Pounding pavement 2.0: Street style

You can name-drop David and Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie-Pitt and Brad Pitt, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian-West etc. but the question is: What ties these people together?

When it comes to fashion, the answer is the His ‘n Hers ensembles. The trend that has been noted these past 8-10 years is an incline in apparel matching among couples. The couple pictured below forgo color coordination for aesthetic match in cool hues and comfortable fabrics.

I’ve always been partial to the Boyfriend jean and this lady wears it with a pair of American-flagged kicks – a fashion fad currently greatly exaggerated in South Africa.

Her Kors purse is gorgeous though.

The man standing beside the lady has a Michael Jackson ‘white socks and black shoes’ situation going on, however, I am partial to the plain cotton vest and blazer, hair tied back, neat beard trim and understated necklace.

They just work together stylistically for me, you know?!


I had to stop this lady for a second and grab a couple of pictures because really:

Have you ever seen such gorgeous shades of white, pearl and cream worn well outside of films?



Sleeveless cream coat teamed with a white cotton T-shirt, treated white skinny jeans, cream sandals, gold and off-white pearl accessories.

..and lest we forget the styled-up pixie hair cut that works so well with this lady’s delicate features.

While walking the halls of a mall, I stumbled across this girl.


Whether that’s a DIY skirt or store-bought, she wears it relaxed with the in-style hat and a simple black and white top.

I really liked the length and highlights in her hair, and the way in which her hair works so well with the hat design.


Street style is never complete without the guy that just sets the standard and annihilates all competition.


The shoes were surprisingly the thing I noticed first;well-worn two-buckled black leather shoes.

The rest of his ensemble made a wonderful silhouette – Black blazer and T-shirt, DH leather belt with a silver buckle, and dark navy jeans.

A solid 7/10 for the outfit.

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