Outfit of the Day: Adrienne Landau vest for Winter Street Style

Man! I love reveling in new looks.

Today’s Outfit brings back the Rabbit Fur Vest I wore a couple of days back, which is by Adrienne Landau

The beauty of fashion is its inexhaustible spirit to – even if you don’t wish to be yourself that day – allow you a reprieve to be someone else.

Its a never-ending training montage until the moment you can look at your reflection, and think: “NAILED IT!” before strutting the f*ck out the door like you’re an important somebody.

I enjoy my sporadic OOTD posts, because they’re so aspirational of who I want to be every day. However, duuuuuuude! Some days – usually dictated by laziness, illness, insecurity or wardrobe woes – are just not suitable for public consumption.

You know what I mean?

Those days are the ‘I’m crustier than bread | Please don’t look at my shirts couch potato snack stains | OMG a hottie! DUCK! I don’t have my face on so flail like a fool’ days.

My blog is made for my enjoyment; and while I can admit to looking damn fine without the fashion blogger garb, I’m addicted to the glamour I post onto my online diary. It’s also a good point of call when I need inspiration to syke myself up. My outfits usually tell me I’m too complacent in my taste and isolation. I’m as much at home in sweats and messy food covering my chin, as I am in haute couture on the red carpet.

Klaas In Session is here to school you on all things fashion, film, literature and lifestyle…but I’m also here to have fun! What better way to entertain myself(and the zany voices in my head), than with what’s hanging in my wardrobe this season, and forever more?!

So anyway, what are you wearing this winter?

My essential Must-Haves, are:

The Mongolian Lamb Clip Scarf in Ivory by Adrienne Landau, $95 available at www.adriennelandau.com

The Rabbit Fur Vest by Adrienne Landau, $395 available at www.adriennelandau.com

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