New York foodie escapades: Petrie Court Cafe Review

The Metropolitan Museum of the Arts is an unparalleled archive of a large sum of the worlds finest heritage pieces…as well as housing a few eateries serving surprisingly good morsels of grub.

Somebody said you cannot do The Met in one day…well I sure showed them; and built up quite the appetite strolling through the many cavernous galleries packed to the hilt, with gilded wonders and historical artifacts.

Luckily, I had grabbed a map of the museum once I’d survived the foyer, and quickly found my way to the closest eating joint for a bite and view near the Carroll and Milton Petrie European Sculpture Court.

Today’s foodie escapade takes us to The Met’s full-service eatery, looking over to Central Park: Petrie Court Cafe.

My Meal

Slow and easy wins the race when it comes to lazy days of touristing, and so I began my eatathon, with what I was told, was the cafe’s signature soup: a Chilled Sweet Corn & Buttermilk Soup with crab meat, fresno chilli, and cilantro.

I missed the ‘chilled’ memo, and wondered why my soup was so cold, yet so good. Silly I may be, but my taste-buds are serious about their job; and they absolutely enjoyed the lightly creamed and cool soup which hydrated me as much as its crisp & uncomplicated, cool corn-filled heart piqued my interest, as to what the rest of the menu had to offer.

The Second course was without a doubt, an indulgence of the highest order: a New England-Style Lobster Roll with Tarragon, Celery and Kettle Chips.

Ordinarily comprised of celery, shallot, tarragon, parsley, and chives as additions, even a plebian with a mediocre taste palate, could tell that the chips were ill-suited to the dishes esteem and flavor range, which is why I asked and recommended they serve myself & all comers, with a side of a quick salad tossed together.

It made all the difference, and provided me with a healthy, opulent lunch time – leaving an impression enough to recommend to the next person who asks about food at The Met.


Maialino’s and the Petrie Court Cafe may be tied for their superb chocolate desserts.

Chocolate Gelato and chocolate cake, was on the light side of perfect at Maialinos. Petrie Court Cafe has thee most scrumptious and moist Chocolate Blackout Cake with a dollop of ice cream, I’ve ever sampled.

I would head to The Met for a lunch break, just for another slice of that rich and decadent heaven.


The restaurant lacks any measure of design character, but the food is edible, the tea (Earl Grey of course) is steeped just right, and the waiters are attentive and ridiculously efficient.

This is the place you want to stop at, while exploring The Met.

For savvy tourists, I recommend choosing the cost-effective three-course Prix Fixe menu of $36 when here…so worth the menu to enjoy and fill up on!

Image courtesy of Andrew Prokos Photography

Petrie Court Cafe 

The Met Fifth Avenue, Carroll and Milton Petrie European Sculpture Court, 1000 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10028



11:30 am–4 pm
(Afternoon tea menu available 2–4 pm)

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