Appreciation of thee Arts: to Nora Roberts

What is more pleasurable than opening a book and smelling the crisp dry paper?
Tell me when does reading a beautifully written novel become a bad thing?

There is, and never will be, anything as beautifully and consistently captivating as a book. I’ve traded in holiday and pocket money just so I can head to my bookshop and purchase a novel-particularly, a Nora Roberts one. I’ve sacrificed sweets and braved hail and thunder for that little bit of heaven between those sheets of paper.

Nora personifies writers who diligently move with the times, adapt and metamorphosing themselves as well as their writing styles and subject matter to suit the vicarious and ever-changing audience. I’ve yet to see a writer so in tune with story telling since the likes of Stephen King. She has somehow spun a web of magic for me. I flit in and out of minds and worlds and am able to survive in a cocoon of her making, existing in a dangerously polarizing dimension.

I’ve compiled a list of a few random books of her’s I’ve read and/or own.

•Opposites Attract (Silhouette Special Edition)

•Home for Christmas (novella, from Silhouette Christmas Stories anthology)

•All I Want for Christmas (novella, from Jingle Bells, Wedding Bells anthology)

•The Best Mistake (novella, from Birds, Bees and Babies ’94 anthology)

•Born in Fire (The Concannon Sisters or Born In trilogy)
•Born in Ice (The Concannon Sisters or Born In trilogy)
•Born in Shame (The Concannon Sisters or Born In trilogy)

•Glory in Death (In Death 2)
•Naked in Death (In Death 1)

•Montana Sky

•Rising Tides (Chesapeake Bay or Quinn Bros)
•Sea Swept (Chesapeake Bay or Quinn Bros)
•Inner Harbor (Chesapeake Bay or Quinn Bros)
•Chesapeake Blue (Chesapeake Bay or Quinn Bros)

•Carolina Moon

•Key of Knowledge (Key Trilogy)
•Key of Valor (Key Trilogy)
•Key of Light (Key Trilogy)

•Blue Dahlia (In the Garden)

•Northern Lights

•Angels Fall

•High Noon

•Red Lily

•Morrigan’s Cross (The Circle Trilogy)
•Valley of Silence (The Circle Trilogy)

•Blood Brothers (Sign of Seven trilogy)
•The Hollow (Sign of Seven trilogy)
•The Pagan Stone (Sign of Seven trilogy)

I highly recommend her works. She will ALWAYS surprise you – even with predictability, it is enthralling!

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