New York – City of my Fantasy

My dearest love My sweet
I promise never to glance at another lest you grant me you in excess.

I am tormented by thoughts of you,you walk into my dreams,filled with vigor and beauty and depravity,pleasure oozing from your loins,clothed in daggered grains of broken thoughts and roads less traveled.

I beg of you,sweet you,wonderful you.
Give me peace and grant me patience.4 year and I’ll be there with you,caressed by you,inflamed by you.

Yes you
You who knows no sky or earth,who makes jungles out of concrete and excretes debaucherous fools in flights of fancies.
4 more year and I’ll be there and making history like you do
Make Times Square shine so bright for me,give me a flash mob and glitter and gold,shower me with golden globes and the superficial norms.
Educate me, commemorate me.

4 more years and you and I will meet
-Till then New York….miss me


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