A night out: Exhibit B

So I just got back from a lovely event. It was held at the Side Street Studios in Woodstock, Cape Town.

My bud Max Mogale was the one that invited me and I’m glad I went. 8 exhibitionists and lovely installations. Whilst I heard “art exhibition””and dressed in reserved grandeur, when I arrived it was to a more free and artsy environment. Sort of NYU meets SA style. I loved it.

Anyway, the artworks were wiley awesome and a lil ‘grunge’ for lack of a better term. I liked how it linked with urban and somehow held the person in that moment without any thought to how it clashed with the hustle and bustle of Cape Town at night.


I was with friends and my editor and her husband (see  Hy-se-sy-se.com ) and had a good time.

Notable appearances were made by stylist and designer Craig Jacobs, as well as MTV VJ finalist Naledi , twitter beauties and Cape Town socialites Azola Mona, Lulama Dingani and Sibabalwe Mona, dressed to perfection in chilled vibes. I rocked a strapless custom-made lace fringed cocktail dress and bling from Sass Diva and Babby mamma.

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