Look of the day: The defender

The perilous world and all its defenders of anarchy


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  1. I love that T-shirt!

    1. Lady_Crunk says:

      I know right?! sickest ish ever!

      1. Where can I get one? Now I want it bad.

        1. Lady_Crunk says:

          LOL! No idea. I guess you can get one printed yourself with a more customized design. I’ll keep you posted. Maybe I can organize something

          1. Kicks ass. Following your blog. Lemme know if something comes up.

            1. Lady_Crunk says:

              thanks. I will. XX

            2. Lady_Crunk says:

              justy followed your blog too. Love the pics. May steal a few. wicked screensavers

              1. thanks for the poistive feedback! go ahead.. feels good to know that my images are playing as someone’s screensaver.. peak of my artistic career this far.

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