Movie Trailer: The Great Gatsby

A cinematic masterpiece, and one of the few 21st century movies to have such an enormous all-star casting, impeccable scripting, a production timeframe that neared 2 years etc. etc.

I am in an absolute tizzy waiting for The Great Gatsby‘s release.

Written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby is a book I thoroughly studied and enjoyed in High School.

It deals, as always, with ‘The American Dream”, love, greed, social convention, lies, deceit, danger, mischief managed, hardships and the ultimate triumphs. Leonardo DiCaprio plays the central protagonist who is, in the truest sense, an epic hero of sorts. His hamartia manifesting in the form of Daisy and all he covets in and around her.

Anyway, I do hope you guys take the time to re-read the book and watch the movie.

The soundtrack includes Hollywood heavyweights like: BeyoncéAndré 3000Lana Del Rey, and Florence and the Machine.

I feel that people need to acknowledge Mary-Kate Olsen and her large contribution to this movie. She donated her collection of period pieces to the movie to add to the authenticity of the character Daisy’s wardrobe.

It will be the cherry on top of an already scrumptious cake top.

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  1. shena06 says:

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    I read this book when I was around 13 and I liked it alot, like alot. Fitzgerald’s characters are so intriguing. We did this book for english lit in school and we had to analyze the book so much, ofcourse, we all were a whiny bunch and hated Nick and his many adventures at that time but come to think of it, I miss studying english lit and I miss school and all. My book ofcourse is in tatters, on account of the multiple times I have read it.
    I miss Daisy and her love for Gatsby’s shirts – gosh, if there ever was a drama queen, it were her, wasnt it? but Kudos to Fitzgerald, cause the characters were beautiful, how he just connected the characters and how at the end every character was there was there for a purpose, even that of Jordan! Now, memories are gushing and I feel like I need to go touch that book again. 🙂
    But THIS MOVIE – damn, I have waited long enough for it to come & I cannot wait to watch it. Hope it does justice to the book.. Oh its got Leonardo diCaprio in it, obviously he is an amazing actor and well fit to play the role.
    Hope it is as good as we all want it & hope it is worth the wait.

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