What does it mean to blog?

If you are looking for a step-by-step guide to blogging, you can go elsewhere.

This will not be about me spoon-feeding you the essence of blogging or the formulation of a functioning website.

This is not some rant on confining the extent to which blogging is defined.

This will be a walk through the mind of someone residing in the designated asylum of the infinitely twisted mind.

So I began blogging officially atleast 2 years ago. It was not to get famous, nor to gain some measurable commercial profitability.

For me, blogging was, and remains, entertainment for this mind of mine that so easily strays.

I wanted that something that would keep my fingers from itching to do something destructive, like take apart my Mp3 player or remote control, only to later re-assemble it into a nothingness of inanimate existence. It was a way to pour out my creativity into something others might find favour or solace in. Blogging was a way to find myself, find the things that made me happy and sad, and somehow irrevocably me.

I guess blogging was my life, or the realistic play-by-play of what goes into my living.

Wikipedia gives a detailed outline of how blogging came to be. We are provided with the information of how the modern blog evolved from diaries online. In these, many people would keep an account of their lives, whether personal or otherwise. One of the earliest recognised bloggers is Justin Hall. He began personally blogging in 1994. He was a student at Swathmore College. Since Lookbook.nu was established, since Bryanboy and Scott Schumann brought acclaim to these online diaries known as blogs, the notion of contemporary “blogging” has gone, in stoner terminology, “APE SHIT!

According to a site called “Bloglovin“, that accounts for most of the blogs in the world, there are over 44 000 registered blogs. I do believe that is only in the fashion genre too.

My blog is nothing special. Its filled with fashion, events, lifestyle, a little sports, some literature, globally relevant political and health news and a healthy dose of movies and fuck-all! My blog helped me get a job as a freelance writer and research consultant at an online magazine called “Hy-Se-Sy-Se”. Since then I have covered events such as the Cosmopolitan Lingerie Show and the annual J&B Met held in Cape Town, South Africa. I’ve also covered Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Cape Town (#MBFWCT). Its been a fun experience and through it I’ve tried to improve my blog in little increments  I’m not gonna turn it into some profitable platform to push brand promotion like an addiction. My blog will always look a little amateurish and I’ll always write a little cavalier.

My networking has allowed me access to coveted areas of fashion, lifestyle and celebrity lives. I’ve been exposed to Dr. Precious Motsepe, Scott Schuman, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Jeannie D, Janez Vermeiren, Gavin Rajah, David Tlale etc. Enough to boast about amongst my group of friends cheering my hard work from the sidelines.

I could tell you how to define blogging but I would be bias. I could tell you how , for me, blogging is pouring amounts of who you are into a place where anyone, or no one might see. “It’s not about the prying eyes of others” I could whisper, tell you of how I think it’s for those with inspirational creativity. That would be wrong of me. Some do it for the money, and that is alright. Some do it for exposure or whatever.

I'm here to give you that piece of me that I sometimes have nowhere to place. 

It’s for the loner in me…and the reject.

It’s about chasing that ideal flicker of light that dances just beyond the realm of sight, into the peripheral of electrical currents in the brain, sparking memory and life into innate being.

Blogging is about how you define wandering through a steady stream of thought.

It is a known unknown.

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