Love Forever & Now


Love will hold a piece of machinery together even when all that is left is the shimmy of flickering lights.
Love will sever life from limb
Bring peace to the violations of rights.

Love will break the human spirit
Torture and belittle,love will wilt out and die at a single thought
Hold when all seems fraught.

Love will surrender when the course is true
Live when death prevails
Love is.
Love will be the wingman of dreams
Breathe when the body yields to bleeds.
Love will.
Love is beholden to no one and everyone
Love is a slave to fanciful whims
It will crucify the passive
Give weighty iron to the muscles of the agent.
Love be.

Love is old slaughterer.
Love is not blind.
Love is a cannibal with extremely acute vision.

Love is insectile, it is always hungry.

Love is what binds me to this galaxy, holding me in suspense within an inch of my life.

Love is.

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