Rememberence of a legacy becomes spectacle

Following the death of Nelson Mandela, South Africans, and even people abroad, have taken to making profits from the state funeral expected to halt the world come Sunday.

Eyewitness News posted a picture of former wife of Nelson Mandela, Winnie Mandela at the Bryanston Methodist Church earlier.


Ordinarily a church service is considered sacrosanct, however, the notoriety of Madiba has forced media into a compromising position of being the “fly on the wall” in every aspect of the proceedings regarding laying Nelson Mandela to rest. Since the announcement on the 5th December the family, friends and literally everybody who recognizes the importance of Madiba has been photographed or spoken to. Eventually lives will be dissected in the inevitable fight for the rights to his fortune.


(Picture courtesy of Times Live)

 An example of the convoy that will be present outside Madiba’s home this entire week.

Recent reports have  confirmed that CNN has booked out one of the Qunu B&Bs for R150 000 for 3 nights.

BBC have been paying monthly installments on a property for an estimated 2 years in preparation for this event.

An online source has reported that one of the woman of Thembu lineage who lives directly opposite the Mandela Qunu property has sold 3 camera positions on her property, in addition to erecting a Spaza shop in preparation for the masses reported to descend.

News reports I heard 2 days ago stated that the mobile lavatories in the area are charging R10.00c per usage.

The memorabilia set to be sold is estimated in the million’s across the world.

These are merely a few of the examples of how Nelson Mandela’s death has been utilized by the general populous.


Picture courtesy of the Daily Mail (UK)

The final resting place of Mandela’s in Qunu.

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