MilQ & Honey: A/W 14

Autumn and Winter favors the few that choose to bask in the seasons possibilities.


Autumn and Winter are times when most know what to wear because of the cold temperatures, while others struggle with the seasons need for thicker items. Those not blessed with a good eye choose layering with no regard for style and silhouette. Atleast shops now exist with shopping assistance, and the clothing are laid out to match and style folks without effort. 

Tiger of Sweden

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Others, such as myself, plan accordingly when winter is coming(see what I did there ‘Game of Thrones’ fans?). 

I went to the home of Milq & Honey today.

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I went to get a dress I ordered, and had coveted since I first tried it on and it fit like a glove.

I went in with a single-minded purpose, and after some consistently amazing sales tactics on behalf of the co-owner Kelly Davids, I left having ordered an entire winter wardrobe!

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Ow yes! She’s that good, and the clothes are that awesome.

Let me explain to you why I reanimated my love of the trenchcoat- suede.
MilQ & Honey’s latest collection boasts a boutique-style convention of select few designs tailored to their clientele, and exquisitely designed.

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Their items for this season are available right now, in time for the cold climates Capetonians are suffering under.

Prices range between R300-R3000 and the clothing, from the multi-paneled leggings to the dresses and coats,  are worth every cent.

News just in:

MilQ & Honey will be opening up a shop in Johannesburg sometime soon, and look out for pop-up stores in Cape Town.

For international clientele, their site is soon to be properly set up for online shopping.


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