Editorial – Feral Goddess: The Elemental Divine

I, honestly, have the luck of the devil when I go on shopping expeditions.

Earlier on in the year I was at my usual haunt MilQ & Honey scouting out new items to drool over and spend my grocery money on. In the same clothing vault was fashion and commercial photographer Jürgen Knoth, and his girlfriend, scientist and make-up aficionado Dr. Heike Harzer. They had been scouting out locations and apparel for a shoot they had planned to have for some Editorials. The Dunes_Juergen Knoth_Cape Town_fashion_swimwear-13_JKTessHeike

Jurgen,Tess and Heike

Obviously I’m helpful to a fault, but they had even more of an advantage of being so respectful of clothing, and utterly fun exploring conceptualizations for their shoot. I helped them link up with designer Luiz de Laja who styled the shoot, and find key dramatic pieces to better imagine the editorial layout. We got to exploring and talking at the paradise that is Victoria&Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa.

This is the finished editorial, which I’m credited for as “Art Director”

...and yes, that makes me feel all kinds of awesome!

The shoot  was at The Atlantic Dunes – which is world-renowned for it’s almost pearl-white sands mounded together into picturesque dunes and maintaining the Table Mountain as a brilliant distant backdrop. Heike took some awesome behind-the-scenes shots of the goings-on.

PicMonkey Collage

The editorial manifests as a play on the unrestrained fierce poses of the models; the way there are no tread-marks in the sands, as if they rise from the sand element or landed there like gods. The Dunes_Juergen Knoth_Cape Town_fashion_swimwear-1 The Dunes_Juergen Knoth_Cape Town_fashion_swimwear-2 There is also a regal style to the fashion that I think fits with the title “Feral Goddess: The Elemental divine”

The Dunes_Juergen Knoth_Cape Town_fashion_swimwear-4

 Jurgen managed to use his talents, not to overpower the clothing or ambiance, but rather make it more vivid.

The Dunes_Juergen Knoth_Cape Town_fashion_swimwear-7 The Dunes_Juergen Knoth_Cape Town_fashion_swimwear-6

Check out http://www.heidimalt.blogspot.co.at or http://www.juergenknoth.com for more.

The Dunes_Juergen Knoth_Cape Town_fashion_swimwear-3


Photographer – Jürgen Knoth

Production – Heike Harzer

Art Director: Olwethu-Thando Klaas

Photo assistance – Elsofie Pitout and Regardt Ross

Styling – Luiz deLaja Hair & Make up – Nicole Grant @ Infidels Models – Tess and Janaina @ Base Models


Sujet 1: Tess: brown body suit – stylist’s own, creme fur vest – Metropolis

Sujet 2+3: Tess: turban – stylist’s own Janaina: creme bodysuit and black feather jacket – stylist’s own

Sujet 4+5: Janaina: White futuristic panties – Francis, neckpiece – stylist’s own Tess: red panties – Gabrielle swimwear, green fabric – stylist’s own

Sujet 6+7: Tess: striped high waisted panties – Gabrielle swimwear, jacket – Milq & Honey Janaina: blue panties – Gabrielle swimwear, coloured zip vest – Milq & Honey, necklace – Metropolis

Sujet 1+8: Tess: brown body suit – stylist’s own, creme fur vest – Metropolis Janaina: gold vest, turquoise leggings – Milq & Honey, necklace – Metropolis

 The Dunes_Juergen Knoth_Cape Town_fashion_swimwear-5

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