A Cocofair

I’m always blessed with good timing.

When I went to the Woman’s Lifestyle Expo earlier on in the year I got to meet alot of business owners selling quality goods and services.

One such company caught my eye – Cocofair.

I attended a wine tasting that was teamed with a gourmet chocolate tasting of decadent new creations.

I was invited to visit their establishment, located in the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, any time and actually see the process their chocolate creations undergo to be that level of tasty.

 I was told of a history of chocolate, as well as the business and it’s personnel.jom

They say that they are simply: “Africa’s first Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Factory founded on Social Entrepreneurship”

The most captivating thing was finding out that in order to foster a healthy local economy, they stopped importing some of their raw ingredients from other continents, they employ hard-working local people who are also taught skills to develop their level of expertise.

The chocolate I tasted was exquisite, made more so by the richness I don’t find in regular Cadbury chocolates I scarf down.


So take the time to go visit Cocofair, and become a connoisseur of decadent treats.

Old Biscuit Mill, 373-375 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town

Contact: +27 (21) 4477355

or email at:

admin@cocoafair.com (For General Enquiries)

orders@cocoafair.com (For Sales Enquiries)

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