Something strange happened

Strangest thing just happened.

A while ago my friends told me that I’d acquired a fan…strange since I have no claim to fame, but alas.

I was told that it was due to my blogging and style at events that had garnered me some measure of notoriety. My friends said that my ‘fan’ wanted to meet me.

So today I’m chilling in bed, not a care in the world(I lie…I got a f*ckload), unprepared to entertain. Then my friends text me to come outside. I’m literally dressed in grunge apparel. I don’t feel like my university campus deserves to see my “good” clothing so I rock up in baggie hoodies, a hat and long skirt – looking like the rapper Da Brat at Church.
…And my friends decide today is the day to introduce me to this ‘fan’ of mine. I know for a fact that once you’ve hyped someone so much in your head, its really hard for them to live up to that so my ‘fan’ was sorely disappointed meeting me.

I believe the words he used were: “OH MY GOD! Is this you?”.
My friends were indignant on my behalf but I shrugged it aside. I expected his response. Its like when you meet your favorite celebrity and they’re not in Evening gowns and Tom Ford suits. It’s a bummer!

So that was the strange thing that happened to me today. I’m still meditating on the occurrence.

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