Curly Fries Vs. Pizza

 You know I have a hearty appetite right? 

So since I started living in Cape Town I’ve been crazy for Curly Fries and Classic Mojitos.

Neighborhood is one of the few places that make them, and make them well. It’s like an explosion of fatty goodness when you go in on a plate. The pictures below are of a SMALL order of their Curly Fries.

You can probably guess why I’m so chub’tastic right now right?!


   Further down the road is an establishment I go to for truly gooey good pizza.

They do not do what many fast-food chains do these days and skimp on the good stuff.IMG_0774

I go to Nom Noms on Long and get myself a Tikka Chicken pizza – which is my favorite flavor, and served with a chilled bottle of Coca Cola.

Last time I was there and tweeted about them I got a free extra pizza.

My stomach may have done the dougie in happiness.IMG_0773

So I ask you my good people: What's better - Curly Fries or Pizza?

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