Interview: Lexa Shevchenko


She’s an international model “It” girl with an impressive portfolio and an incredible brain.

A while ago I got the opportunity to sit down with Lexa Shevchenko and have a little chat about a whole host of things – some of which you wont be privy too because I’m mean like that.

How are you experiencing Cape Town right now?

I love it. It’s beyond what I expected. Honestly, it’s amazing, and has breath-taking views! The people…the culture; the food is incredible – It’s something I’m continuously excited about.


You are Russian. Can you tell me a little bit about your background and how you got discovered? 

I’m from a republic inside of Russia called Bashkortostan. Where I stay its Muslim and Christian Orthadox. In school I studied physics. I had a knack for studying and learning…but I gave it all up and started doing modelling.

My mom’s friend had put her daughter into a modelling school, which had nothing to do with modelling, but they taught the girls there how to do make-up, there were fitness classes, and they sort of guided girls. At the end of that school we had like an event performance for an agency in Moscow, but at the time I was too young to be chosen to travel and all.

 Tell me about New York City? What’s it like there from a models perspective?

I think it’s just that whole: “you never know what it’s like until you go there yourself”. But basically, it’s always dirty, and nobody cares to have it in a nice state and fix it because they know that people come and go. And another thing is that there’s not enough personal space, and you do pay more of a price than you would elsewhere.

How does the process of casting work?

You’ll get there and they’ll ask you to walk. You’ve gotta show your runway walk. They’ll pick and pick until they have their people, ask you things like how old you are and where you’re based, they’ll take photos, match the look to the clothes sometimes.

You got your make-up done by the famed Bobbi Brown, how was the experience?

She’s very inspiring. In a very good way, she is strong. We talked about her business and she was just inspiring.

What’s it like seeing your face plastered on buses, billboards and magazines?

It’s very funny because I don’t get these big international billboard stuff, but people will call me or send me pictures from the other jobs I’ve done when they see them published maybe. First time you see yourself on a billboard or whatever, you’re like “okay, that’s me!” and the more it happens you just start not paying attention to it.

"I just love the transformations & the designers and everything in fashion."
l-vuitton-2 Louis Vuitton Jewelry Editorial

You’ve modeled for Katie Holmes’s line. How did that go?

Oh yeah, I met her. She was fixing my hair and stuff. She’s lovely. I was working with her and celebrity stylist Tim Gunn.

Do you have a 5 year plan?

I’ve more or less had a couple of breaks from my career, or rather from international modelling life. But I think I wanna make the best of it, and travel and enjoy it…and try and balance everything in my life so that I’m not overwhelmed.

What’s your favorite thing to do in your down-time?

Reading, yoga, cooking, and I love movies.

Favorite magazines?

I love the American magazines with all the health and diet stuff, and of course Vogue.

Favorite movies right now?

I just like movies that enrich me.

What are you reading?

Just finished Doctor Zhivago.

What’s in your purse:

Sunglasses, a book, Hand cream, wallet, cellphone, powder, hand sanitizer.

Lexa’s Profile

Model management company: Fusion

Height: 177cm

Hair: Dark blonde

Eyes: Green

Bust: 82cm

Cup: B

Waist: 61cm

Hips: 89cm

Shoe: 7 UK

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