Treasure chest: My jewelry box

I’ve always loved things that glitter and sparkle, and I’ve acquired a love of antiques and vintage items.

Today, my accessories have a home in several unique boxes – engraved antique wooden chests bought in a little shop filled to the brim with forgotten things.


My bracelets are forced together in close proximity, with metal spiked bracelets, leather wrist bands, beads, and colorful strings bound together ready to be teamed with great outfits.IMG_1184 My earring box looks so lil and cute.

My favorite pair of earring is probably the lion-head gold earrings from Topshop.

Topshop is a brand known notoriously for it’s creation of international ready-to-wear trends, while using their posterchild Cara Delevingne to attract the ideal 16-28 Demographic using social media buzz and Cara’s unconventional brand of Brit cool.IMG_1189

I once saved up for 3 months to get this silver claw ring. I found it in some obscure corner of an antique arcade in Cape Town, and I wanted it with an unparalleled vehemence.


My clutch bags are few and of high quality, painstakingly chosen from shops all around South Africa.IMG_1179

 There’s the box with all my necklaces: with wooden crosses, beads, pearls, golden lockets and more.




Herein lies my accessories, with a side order of hair bows and flowers, sunglasses, scarves etc.

My stilettos are never too behind.IMG_1218

Stay tuned for a closet perusal and shoegasm post.

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