The misconception of race and awards

I’m not quite sure whether I’ve misinterpreted what is being said on social media, but here is my opinion on the fact:

It is not ‘black people’ that deserve their own award show, nor should it be a prerequisite for award shows to fill a non-white nomination quota.

I would rather have an eternity wherein no one of color wins an award if the qualification for the accolade is ones race. When it comes to The Academy Awards (Oscars) or The Grammy’s, The SAMAs or the Pulitzers, I base my favoritism and standard on talent.

Race has nothing to do with the talent that accolades are bestowed for.

Who wants to get an award for being black?! Like its an achievement as opposed to a socially constructed state of being.

so yeah, that's my rant. What's your opinion?

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