Turning 22 is actually just another day

So yeah, I was born at 00:05am on the 09th of June 1993 so today was my 22nd birthday.

I haven’t celebrated my birthday normally for a while now, so having brunch or lunch is about as awesome as it gets…and that’s okay.

IMG_3515 (1300x1189)

Today I went to a restaurant with my mommy, right by the beachfront. It had quite the lovely view.IMG_3456 (1300x647)

We ordered a seafood platter – which ordinarily has Calamari, fish, fried octopus, prawns, rice and chips. I really love it, and I’ve also been craving seafood for days hey, so this was a welcome culinary excursion.IMG_3470 (1300x948)

Sippin’ on a Mojito and planning a trip across Europe with mom was just so good 🙂

IMG_3474 (998x1300)

I moaned through a plate of Malva Pudding with ice cream and regular cream for dessert, while dressed in my Vera Moda blazer(with two of my Harry Potter badges) and Simon & Mary hat.

IMG_3534 (1300x1081)

IMG_3477 (1300x969)“All in all, a pretty great day.”

IMG_3513 (1180x1300)

In the same way that I waited for my Hogwarts letter, Santa Claus and his presents, miracles from God etc. I’m still holding out hope there’s some great revelation or galaxy-wide adventure in the works for me, by the fates. Gotta say though: After 21 there is just no other milestone that emphasizes youthful exuberance. Turning 22 is just a step closer to 30, a violent push straight to adult responsibility and obligation, and no great mental and physical feeling of change.

I’m like “MEH!”

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