SA Menswear Week AW16 – Day 2

Day 2 began with about as much fanfare as the amount of sleep I’ve had these past few days – which is to say none! The best summation of what day 2 offered is that rather than forcing interest on what attendees donned, it was the actual Fall 2016 collections on the catwalk, that kept me entertained from my black and white Ruff Tung Mono Twist Pleat Dress covered ass, to my Cotton On stiletto booted feet.IMG_6935Me and Roshan Isaacs doing this style thing. Shall we say #SquadGoals?


Jenevieve Lyons went back to basics with a tanned and sandy colored collection in very simple design, but with fantastic durable linen fabric. The coolest thing about Augustine’s collection were the sunglasses worn by the models, and the patchwork leather shorts, skirts, dungarees,tops, and jackets – styled together in modernized 80s pop culture nostalgia.IMG_6835

Imprint was one of my favorites; That’s not to say I loved the collection in its entirety. However, it superseded any warm and fuzzies I may have harbored for any SA Menswear Week designers from Day 1. The make-up on the models worked so well with the clothing, to create an aesthetically pleasing show. The shoes were apparently the collection focus, but I pretty much had my fill  taking a look at the utterly unique tailoring of the cotton suits, and resort wear. The patterns threaded together clashed beautifully, and made for  entirely realistic ensembles for any modern man. Lest we forget the fleece, wool, and mohair jerseys, capes, shawls and coat options walking by. Bravo! I wanted to shop the runway collection immediately when I saw them.

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The standing ovations I doll out are few and far between, but Mo’Ko Elosa by Julia Mpoko is worthy of one! Despite the normal clothing pieces that made up the collection, it was the meticulous and exquisite tailoring and “his & hers” theme that had me going. This is a collection that is entirely wearable. This is the stuff you’d order or buy immediately after spotting it. Tan suede, oatmeal brown mohair, egg-shell white wool, chestnut-brown furs, bone white cotton satchels etc. I swooned for the floor-length trench coat in tortilla and peanut brown colors. I saw very Belstaff-inspired designs in the cedar brown military jackets – particularly the Korean field jacket pockets in front. The entire red part of the collection made this show my favorite.

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ALC(Amanda Laird Cherry)had enviable hat designs, while Jagadi Man re-purposed Japanese Samurai culture into a red and black collection with an intriguing dark presence. Blanc had a surprisingly demure collection, but it was Tzvi Karp that raised attendees energy levels. Teddy bears, layers upon layers of tulle in every color, grandpa knit cardigans etc. It was an homage to the likes of David Bowie and Boy George in their heyday. Ziggy Stardust would be proud at the cross-culture, pop culture convergence on the catwalk – namely Russia and China’s most celebrated traditional clothing pieces re-imagined in his iconapop.

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For me, the highly anticipated Fundudzi Man showcase by Craig Jacobs, was alright, for all its hype. The accessories were the most interesting thing for me. The earrings worn by the models looking like miniaturized afro combs in candy vibrant colors. I also favored the sweat pants and winter chill clothing in such pretty bright colors, and the black geometric patterns inlaid into the woolen pieces.

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I’m looking forward to what Day 3 will bring.

Are you?

Street style from Day 2


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