The Saxon Vs. Fairlawns: 5-Star Joburg Hotel Review

I pride myself, as a blogger who writes about fashion, lifestyle, film, literature etc. to always relay the ‘klaasiest’ finds I come across.

During my Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week escapades in Johannesburg, I got to experience pure class at two rather exquisite hospitality establishments: The Saxon Hotel and Fairlawns Boutique Hotel.

So I decided to do a little review of my experience with their hospitality, and what sets each establishment apart.

Fairlawns Boutique Hotel

The Fairlawns Boutique Hotel

Fairlawns Boutique Hotel dedicates itself to the business and/or leisure vagabonds of today; with an up-market, award-winning Sandton sanctuary that sets itself apart in its exclusivity – and in the uniqueness of their European interior and Oriental/European mix exterior decor and design.

I didn’t get a chance to experience the full range of their offerings – which include a Balinese Spa, large fully equipped gym,  and an a la carte restaurant. Beyond its stately stature, the Fairlawns boutique hotel has a history which is saturated with opulence, as the property was originally bought from the Little Brenthurst Trust of Oppenheimer fame.

The hotel is right in saying that Fairlawns is a “well-kept secret”, as I did not even know of it, till I used my Google-fu to discover the variations of hospitality offerings within Sandton.

My experience with the staff was one of personalized genuinely friendly service, and people quick to care about you getting anything you want 24/7. Nothing says welcome quite like a suite already warmed for you – and its the little things that I remember – so kudos to them for that!

Breakfast was a fragile sunlit reprieve from usual crowded indoor hotel dining; and I got an exclusive walk through the entire property, and glimpsed some of the new renovations – which got me begging the manager for an invite to the unveiling of the new wings.

I cannot wait for the unveiling of their new sections, as they are sure to breathe even more luxury and beauty into an establishment worthy of hosting any world dignitaries.

The Saxon Hotel, Villas and Spas

The Saxon is so decadently esoteric that it is rare to actually find any advertising for it.

Nestled in the heart of a tree-lined Jozi suburb, lies the fortified beauty that is the Saxon Hotel.

They have found a way to use the archetypal accommodation aesthetic Africa is stereotyped under, and subsequently blended SA’s rich traditional history, with a tasteful contemporary five-star twist. The Saxon is comprised of villas, a hotel, a spa, restaurants and the infamous infinity pool.

I’m partial to the Saxon Bridge!

IMG_5838 (2848x4272)

This too was another property I didn’t get to see the full sum of, but I did get captivated by glimpses of the ten acres of magnificent indigenous gardens. I LOVED my suite because that sheet thread count had me thinking I’m sleeping on clouds. I only have a shower in my place so when I saw my suite, I was so excited to take several (read: many!) long bubble baths.

Their staff is equipped with ceremonious welcoming, and professional demeanor’s; providing diligent service with impeccable grace. I was chuffed to have a butler and concierge at my beck-and-call; with their chefs creating a gourmet late night dish perfect to curb the hunger from the fashion week rush.
Breakfast at Qunu Restaurant was rather lovely, as the dining areas bore no tourist trappings, but functional tasteful decor.

So who wins the clash of the 5-star titans?

For this edition, I am going to have to go with Fairlawns Boutique Hotel, because The Saxon may push all my ‘klaasic’ hot spots, but the architecture and interior design in the older structures – and the rooms currently being renovated on the Fairlawns property – have me eagerly wanting to go back.

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