Here for the Curvy: Fashion Bliss with Ruff Tung

“What’s a Ruff Tung?”

“Is that code for something dirty?”

Nooooooo, you guys!

Ruff Tung is just the bomb fashion house that designs like 90% of the creations I don on the red carpet. Founded in 1999, by the now-deceased personality Jean-Paul Botha, Ruff Tung was angled for those with a taste for edgy club apparel. Botha’s tragic passing led to the Ruff Tung I know today, under co-owners Ludwig Bausch and Bridget Pickering.

The designers don’t make unattainable assumptions about what woman want; they deliver the reality not many woman even know they need, and do so in female form-flattering designs. Speak to Ludwig and Bridget and you will hear a brand vision that does not romanticize the mission of fashion for fuller-figured woman, as simply expanding existing trendy designs. Their motivation revolves around 3 core principles: Comfort | Quality | Style 

…amazing pricing is just the cherry on top of the bargain that is Ruff Tung!

Look through any of their previous collections, and you will see purity in simple silhouettes, passionate revelry in palatable bold prints, color blocking in a beautifully constructed piece that renders the item stylishly coordinated, and my favorite part: sensibly flattering curvy woman of all sizes.


‘Timeless’ might be what people refer to Ruff Tung pieces as in the near future, but Ludwig and Bridget’s inspired clean designs – with a dash of contemporary – will keep them in trend, as seasons come and go!

I look forward to seeing what Ruff Tung brings in 2017.

Every woman across the board, can now access this brand.

Ruff Tung is priced well, has designs made meticulously factoring in different sizes and necessitating quality; as well as serving any woman’s fluctuating taste.

Join the #RuffTungArmy


Visit the online store Spree, and join me and woman all over the world rocking Ruff Tung!

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