Why my blogger social media will stay unrefined

“Its better for you to keep your Instagram clean.”

“Make it professional and crisp because that’s what brands want”

“You want more followers right?”

Listen boo boo kitty’s! Your advice about how I can “get more followers”, “be a better fashion blogger”, or whatever other goal you think I aspire to achieve, is for naught.

What you’re saying is change who I am and what I do, to suit a mold you think all bloggers on social media need to adhere to, to please someone or the other.

I love my social media accounts. My Twitter is really not ‘cultured’ in the realest sense of the word, nor is my Instagram particularly elegant. However, if I had to follow one account on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram, it’d be my own. I find the things I say and talk about interesting, entertaining, and informative.


I’m not held back by decorum. When I want to share experiences, I post what I want, and when I want to. I like going back every couple of days, to just look at my different accounts and get amused again. I’m funny in that oddball way…and interesting. My Instagram is a collage of grainy selfies and hi-res photoshoots, of perfectly captured food pics you could eat through your screen, as well as hurried videos posted sporadically, and of nothing in particular.

Remember my blogs mission statement:

Klaas in Session can be summed up as an online diary, subjective to the whims of Olwethu.  This blogs mission is to provide its owner with a creative outlet, contribute authentic content and opinions to the highly competitive arena of blogging, as well as aid in fundamentally transforming the current global vision of South Africa to a more contemporary image of the African motif.

At no point does that summation mention that I am here to satisfy the taste and whims of others. If you so happen to gravitate towards my content – Cool! But never presume that I do everything online, for some audience primarily; That is secondary to my own satisfaction and engagement, in things I find interesting.

There are many aficionados who believe they have all the answers. Whenever I get asked to help someone start a blog or make them “successful” bloggers, I always tell them to just find their bliss and let it consume them. If you want the archetypal fashion blogger “success”, then monetize your fashion content and imitate every major blogger out there to get the view validity and ‘enviable’ insights.

However, if you use your blog like an online diary – the way I do – then just post what you want, and enjoy it. The minute posting becomes work: STOP! I believe blogging should be easy and cathartic for someone in it for themselves. I don’t post according to a strict schedule. I ramble and publish posts at odd times – not aligned to mass online traffic patterns. I’m my own brand of different, and that is why my blogger social media will remain unrefined!

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