Travel New York: The Klaasy way to tourist

Everyone who has been to The Big Apple atleast once, has their own kernels of wisdom for the next person. The essentials I have for you so far, are simple:

For skin

”DUH!” Coconut Butter for the body, but you need M.A.C. Cosmetics to sort out the skin on your face with hydration, and flawlessness.

The M.A.C Cosmetics Prep + Prime, is not a makeup-specific essential; it is a fantastic way to keep your skin refreshed.

Let me be the first to point you to a quality matte lipstick which sticks: The MA.C Cosmetics Retro Matte Liquid Lip, color coded as ‘High Drama’ deep dark plum.  This tube of plum magic kept its matte finish the entire day. One less stress while I leave my mark on NYC.

On days I needed my African Butter to truly glow, I got out the M.A.C Cosmetics Metallic gold lip. One should be wary of anything which sparkles, venturing anywhere near their persons, but this lipstick kicks tackiness in the butt, and sends your overall aesthetic into memorable glamour.

My M.A.C Cosmetics Ruby Woo lipstick was for the days I wanted the streets to run red with bloody style.

What you likely missed throughout all my beauty posts, was that in order to create more natural-looking brows, I used the M.A.C Cosmetics Burgundy times nine eyeshadow palette. On days I was willing to brave the humidity with a full face on, I used M.A.C. Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid and a foundation powder to matte finish it all off. The Studio Fix Fluid is incredibly versatile, and worked with Fashion Week escapades during the day, Central Park chilling while being a tourist; right through to late night New York partying.

Quite a bit of credit was given to my skin refresher, but the travel size M.A.C Cosmetics Strobe cream was truly a revelation. On days you want the sun to reflect your inner glow, rub a dollop of it on your face, neck and chest.

For the sun

A Simon & Mary hat must be invested in.

South Africa’s finest hat-maker has altered the necessity of hats on the SA streets, from sun-blockers, markers of gentleman, and vintage finds, to street style essentials. The variations in electric colors and design naturally had me needing to bring one along for the adventure of a lifetime.

”Simon and Mary comes from a background of over 70 years experience in headwear, with inspiration born through the generations, to tell the story of what a simple hat can bring. Simon and Mary is based on a family bond within the hat factory. Using machinery bought in the 60’s and continuing the legacy created by the original milliner, Simon Pozniak. The milliner title has been passed down from generation to generation. Hats are in our blood, it is more than a clothing item, but rather a way of life.”

For fashion week

Power banks, large memory cards, patience, and a gorgeous wardrobe which doesn’t have to be ‘extra’.

I had the benefit of an Insipio Power Bank for my Motorola Z, available from Hi Online.

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Capturing New York Fashion Week takes a special kind of arsenal. @hi_online_ and @ppro_sa gets that a Klaasy lady such as I (don't laugh 😒 I am), requires something fashionable and innovative for New York …so they delivered for practically ALL my gadget needs. You'll have to keep your eyes peeled to the 'gram, for exactly what I got, and how I'm going to use it though 😝 #KlaasInNYC #fashionweek #KlaasyNYFW #travelblogger #hionline #pprosa #motoz #insipio #lifestyleblogger #newyork #tech #nyfw #photography #fashionblogger #smartphone #travels #klaasinsession #getaway #saturdayvibes #canonphotography #wanderlust #travel #fashion #style #streetstyle #fashion #style #instapassport #newyork_ig #motorola #travelphotography #weekendvibes

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Did I tell you about the cool promotion HI Online and I are having?

Well, on purchases of R1 000 + during September alone, the customer is entitled to 15% discount on the purchase. Just use the code ‘NYFW15’.

For walking

The humidity will lead to athletes foot if you keep your feet encased too much, so get sandals or supportive sneakers you’ve already broken in – I can’t stress this enough. You will blister if you don’t.

I heart my Puma x Daily Paper sneakers ( available from Puma Select). They held up to the infamous NYC streets.

For saving money

Have a daily limit, and leave the rest of the money in your card or hidden somewhere where you’re staying.

For street style

Get captured by photographers and tourists alike, when you play dress up while touristing.

My favorite style moments were spent in an eclectic mix of sturdy and stylish stilettos by Madison heart of New York.

For the heat

Beach Cult swimwear is here for your heat woes. New York is humid and hot, and I only got through walking from The Guggenheim through to Central Park, thanks to Beach Cult’s two-piece.

No sweat marks, or lack of support. The swimwear doesn’t heat up, or feel gross for however long you wear it.


I’ll try swimming in it too.

Stay tuned for more travel essentials...particularly if you want to be a savvy New York tourist.

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