Travel Paris: Eiffel to Arc Outfit of the Day

“Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.” – Coco Chanel

Sometime between finding my head during Paris fashion week, and learning to briefly live in a different language, Eiffel in love with the tower.

It is an incredible feat of human engineering – a phallic monument attesting to great power.

We visit this historical landmark – not to take in the longevity of its sociopolitical symbolism – but, for the ‘gram!

Pardon my generation and the tourists of the world. ‘Pictures…or it did not happen’, is pretty much the mantra of the 21st century.

I visited the area around the tower, and had a refreshing lunch with a friend, at a cafe quite near the Invalides.

In-between cocktails, food and the gab session with my friend Enica, I managed to squeeze in a few snaps of my outfit of the day – a rather chilled combination of chic Parisian style with the luxe ostentatious of something close to Versace.

Wherever I travel, by wigs by Aretha Bauwens Hair follow.

The dress is surprisingly, a purchase from an outdoorsy type clothing and utility store, called Duesouth, while my sunnies were an impulse purchase from Third Eye.

I was not about to step foot outside my place, without ensuring I looked and felt good, so I brought a few beauty essentials along, with my ensemble.

Loved the glow Swiitch Beauty‘s travel sized wet glow highlighter palette brought to my face while visiting the Arc de Troimphe and Champ Elysees for shopping.

I’m just being real: Jetlag and wanting to see everything + Paris Fashion Week, had my feet unable to even contemplate doing anything, unless I could find clouds to float in.

I had to guys 😭

Half way through my awesome fancy bitch brunch day with my buddy, we went to go buy slippers 😭 I couldn’t even find a black pair to match my Colette by Colette Hayman handbag.

But on the plus side: Enri’ introduced me to her friend, who is a stunning model based in Paris, and we stayed drinking at Cafe de Flore.

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An entirely "for the 'gram" experience you'll hate yourself for falling into because the draw is too real, is drinks (because you know damn well you won't dine here unless you find out you can eat leaves next to one of the Kardashian beau's here) at Parisian historical landmark, Cafe de Flore. Famed for its high profile visitors – past and present – it boasts an archetypal Cafe setting, with a price tag that will have you pinching your face while you suck down an infuriatingly good drink among models, celebrity stylists and writers galore. Not gonna lie: That drink was AWESOME! I could taste the privilege of the cafe's famous company😭😍🙈😏 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #PFW #FrenchKlaas #klaasinparis #bistro #parisserie #lunch #drinking #nomnomnom #foodie #paris #lifestyleblogger #parisfrance #photography #captured #diningout #drinking #food #instaeats #eat #lunch #foodlover #oldfashioned #fashionblogger #yummy #foodblogger #hungry #parisfashionweek #finedining #fancyfood #fashionblogger

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They let me enter in slippers and then, there was a legit paparazzi dude with his camera right on me, snapping pictures.

I checked, and there was no one behind me.

I think he thought that anyone ditzy enough to show up in slippers at one of thee most famed cafes in Paris, must be at least a strung out D-list celebrity.

Stay tuned for more Paris looks and fun experiences…

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