Travel Los Angeles: The Treehouse – Escape to a Luxe Vegan Hotel

I bet you did not know, that there’s such a thing as a Vegan Hotel?!

…Well welcome to The Treehouse, Bel Air.

I’m not even going to lie: staying somewhere near Beverly Hills, was on my bucket list.

I had been Googling an array of options within the bounds of my comfortable & predictable hotel chain knowledge, when Google offered up a handful of informative articles published within Conde Nast Traveler, The New York Times, as well as the LA Times – all centred on sustainable hospitality.

The Treehouse, seemed an unsung Vegan gem, once I really committed to searching for unique hospitality choices in the city, which would also incorporate sustainable practices effortlessly.

About Vegan Hotels

Not only are Vegan hotels in existence, but the ethics of their offering, are beginning to move vegan hotels out of the ‘niche’ categorisation that stifles their growth in the mainstream tourism market.

Vegan hotels differ from the other hospitality offerings, in how pioneering their sustainable stance is – keep in mind just how lucrative adhering to exploitative lifestyle conventions, is.

They offer travellers and hosts, the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint, and it fundamentally results in a positive environmental impact.

Their practices also mean exercising harmlessness towards animals.

Guests to Vegan Hotels get to enjoy healthy vegan or vegetarian diets during their stays, with dining options ranging from: everyday nibbles, and right into fine dining.

While exploring the wonders of California, I got to visit one of only 8 Vegan hotels in the state.

Okay, But Tell Me Why It’s Luxe

The Treehouse, situated in the affluent neighbourhood of  Bel-Air, is honestly an indisputable haven for rest & relaxation, amid the LA rush.

To a tourist, getting here might be a mission without Uber or Lyft apps delivering you to the hidden lap of vegan luxury.

Once you’re in the ballpark of the Beverly Glen Boulevard (minutes from UCLA’s campus & just north of the famed Sunset Boulevard), you need to put your GPS on to locate the property that’s up the road from Sylvester Stallone’s home.

Once you locate the house, beyond the towering greenery, you wont doubt you’re about to go on a inspired journey within these walls.

From the construction of the hideaway, to its boho-chic interiors, The Treehouse reads as a luxurious European-style escape, not trying to overdo anything.

The Treehouse really goes about offering guests from all walks of life, value for money when it comes to their stay in the City of Angels.

Room prices are in an optimal range, and the clean & warm sleep quarters themselves, are divine spaces for nursing ones wellbeing.

Was Your Suite A Vibe?

After a week of being smackdab in the middle of Hollywood, the hot shower in my suite, with it’s perfectly functioning water filtration system, was a welcomed baptism into this hideaways promise of some R&R.

The hotels many of us are used to, have evolved from full sets of plastic toiletries piled into bathrooms, to essential packs available upon request.

The Treehouse decided to offer up sustainable vegan toiletries (and even epson salts) in their rooms and suites – its a subtle, but effective notation on their commitment to wholly vegan hospitality.

You’d think the money is in the food, design, and decor of the hideaway, but after exiting my hot shower, I realised that it is also in the terrycloth gowns & sheets.

Egyptian cotton sheets energised by being sun dried, further elevate an already leisurely stay.

If the excellence of a hotel was gauged purely on the quality of a guests night sleep, The Treehouse would reign supreme in its category.

I slept the sleep of somebody at peace.

Walk Me Through A little of Your Suite’s Look

So you wake up in your dark quarters – thick curtains doing a superb job of blacking out reality – And a look around your well-equipped suite, will reveal just how much forethought and consideration goes into this enlightened tranquillity.

Regular feng shui keeps the space harmonious, helped further along by: the crystals resting at each corner of the suite, the salt lamps, sacred geometry, and (my favourite) the aromatherapy products.

I enjoyed the eclectic boho interior choices, that included musical instruments, colourful rugs & wall drapings, interesting literature for the young and older, ergonomic work-area furniture, and even a Smart TV.

Talk To Me About The Food Situation

If guests choose to dine in-house, they may find themselves getting an education on the nuances of vegan lifestyles over breakfast, from the owner.

Guests get to experience a biodynamic vegan breakfast, included in their room rate.

I enjoyed the quiet hum of the hummingbirds amid greenery and water fountains, while I sipped chai tea each morning.

At The Treehouse:

  • The food is organic
  • Their yogurts are made with coconut milk
  • They make their own nut milk
  • Spring water is sourced from Mountain Valley Spring Water – the water also being vortex’d & Kangen water also available to guests)
  • They maintaining their own single-sourced custom coffee.
  • Raw Food options are made available
  • Gluten-free gusts are not a problem

I had my trepidation about a breakfast lacking Bacon & Eggs, but was soon swayed into trying the smoothies, yogurts, and Avocado Toast at the ready.

Dinner options may not be Spigarello Hazelnut Pesto, or Corn Risotto, but The Treehouse will keep you sated.

Image courtesy of The Treehouse

A ‘Zero Waste’ policy, means that this vegan hideaway does its best to:

  • Reuse and Recycle
  • Use organic cleaning products
  • Purchase from ‘Sustainable Fair Trade’ sources
  • Practice kindness to all beings

So What Are You Trying To Say About This Whole Experience?

You have got to covet an experience which allows you practically a guilt-free stay.

You may not feel the literal burden of guilt that comes from being a key contributor to environmental degradation and global warming, but you would enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your stay somewhere, is actually not messing with the planet.

If I had to rate this zero-stress hideaway in the City of Angels, I’d definitely score it a solid 7.

I’d come back just for the architecture!

The Treehouse

Address: 795 N. Beverly Glen Boulevard, 90077, Los Angeles, United States

Phone: 1-424-4028076


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