Travel Essentials: Lounging in ERRE Resortwear

When people think ‘Resort‘ they don’t often think of black – that’s unless you are like me, and favour the colour, and the often flattering silhouette it affords you while travelling.

“The tenor of resort has always been less about experimentation or provocation and more about delivering what customers want.”

Steff Yotka,

Resortwear is a lovely excuse to wear wanderlust in gorgeous creations. It is less to do with your travels to a fabulous destination, and more to do with your vacation intent:

Do you travel for pleasure, or excitement? Are you travelling to lounge or play?

I actually very carefully curate my looks when travelling.

My Must-Have‘s start at the feet (with a great pair of PUMA sneakers), and even when it is cold, I bring a swimsuit. I sometimes enjoy colour, but very rarely do I covet print. You are always likely to find me in some breathable linens, overly large knits, or a very ladylike housedress – very much tent-like, but made of gorgeous fabrics.

My suitcases, as you can expect, are always a hefty load I gladly lug about on flights, busses, and even roaming sandy or dirty walkways to my dream vacation spaces.

Anyway, among fashion house ERRE‘s latest collection, is a cute and black Must-Have that I never knew I needed. See, I don’t actually like wearing t-shirts, and specially branded ones. I love billowing blouses and form-fitting thin vests. The talented ERRE designers though, are always encouraging me to try something different – to go beyond the bounds of my comfort, for fashion.

My most recent travels took me for rest & relaxation at the Cape’s favourable hospitality find Steenberg Hotel, where my personal mandate was to lounge about in chic and roomy gear. Turns out, I’m mad about branded t-shirts if they are black and stylish, and durable enough to laze in. ERRE has designed that particular Must-Have, in the form of their ruffle-sleeved black t-shirt with velvet lettering, and the soft feel of a worn T-shirt kept sentimentally for years.

The T-shirt pairs very well with the black ERRE stride wide-leg pants. The elasticised high-waist is flattering, and the front pleats provide more flow in the material, as well as flattering lines to the legs.

I’m for sure loving this look, and cannot wait to see what else ERRE produces in the new year. I have a feeling the next of their masterful creations, will be even more daring, intricate, and made to collect like a couture gown.

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