Travel Essentials: The ERRE BOW Fit and Flare Dress

Has anyone else felt their sheer passion for fashion vastly depleted by the times?

These past few weeks, I have been yearning to write about fashion, food, travel – anything really. But I fear I’ve lost my zeal for it.

I’m scared that what passions I had for the form of artistic expression, is gone. Somehow in the stuttering starts of the world finding its footing during a pandemic, I became so focused on snatching pieces of an old, care-free life, that I forgot where fashion revelry fit in.

I’m also re-looking at my entire wardrobe, and existing fashion catalogues, with more trepidation than ever, wondering:

  • How does this piece serve my new existence?
  • Does being stylish matter to me still?
  • Am I to embrace face masks as intrinsically tied to my daily wears, like underwear?
  • Is taste even a thing that exists?

My Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter looks for 2020 and 2021 may have generally seemed rather easy and simple, but I often took care with styling for my at-home shoots.

However, the minute I left home to run errands and nothing else, I reverted to a frankly embarrassing slapdash mix of sweats and stretchy (and significantly holey) comforts belonging behind closed doors while couch-potating.

Regardless of what fashion existential crisis I’m grappling with, there will always be a feeling I get, of safety and excitement, with anything that my favourite South African fashion house ERRE produces.

When local travel was unlocked, I threw myself at my nearest quality hotel, and had me a lovely staycation…and I didn’t ever really stop, except over the Christmas season. While traipsing about the blazing hot Cape region, from cityscapes to seasides and wine country, I remembered how vibrant the world could still be, and how fashion is as much armour as it is adornment and storytelling.

Suddenly, I found my footing with atleast this side of fashion – that fashion and travel would always dance an interesting tune of familiarity and the chic. With ERRE to collaborate with, I started painting each of my travel escapades with colour – the skill and creativity threaded into every garment was another layer that thrilled me.

Then, the ERRE team made the BOW Fit and Flare Dress during lockdown, and every fashion lover is better for it.

Captured at Casa Labia Lifestyle Centre – apartments available to book via AirBnB

There are few designers making the kinds of collectable fashion pieces that would stand the test of time and wildly varied tastes; and yet somehow ERRE is the proudly South African fashion house that has created a number of now “timeless” dresses in their truest, and most artistic iteration.

These particular BOW Fit and Flare Dress are so stunning, in every shade, and on any form. I put on my first one (the red) and it became my new dependable favourite after the trademark ERRE Myri Dress.

Captured at Cartel House Hotel – apartments available to book via AirBnB

…but then the purple BOW Fit and Flare Dress arrived, and now I’m just in desperate need to bless every street I strut on, with the various colour options available with the BOW Fit and Flare Dress.

From construction to finish, the ERRE BOW Fit and Flare Dress is a flawless piece of comfortable and irrefutable style – timeless too, since I see myself wearing it in 20 years time too.

Captured at Casa Labia Lifestyle Centre – apartments available to book via AirBnB

Think this dress is for you (or a beloved one)?

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