Decadent Threads: Mohair Sweaters for the Winter

This winter, I’m going practical with my grab for warmth: Mohair is the way to go!

I’ve tried it all – lampswool, nubby knit, and brushed cashmere included – but there is just something about the cozy warmth of a mohair knit, that I have begun to absolutely adore.

Quintessential oversized knits favor bulk over aesthetic license; but the fresh winter haul from the studios of fashion house ERRE, is bringing design substance to the spacious practical knit.

In recent years, Carina Louw and Natasha Jaume have been celebrated by fashion lovers and practical shoppers (around the world even), for their seasonal creations.

The proudly South African design duo have done their part in elevating the profile and renown of South Africa’s fashion – being artful architects with fabrics… exercising meticulous and inspired garment construction. Even the most challenging material, which other designers would steer clear of, ERRE sees as an opportunity to flatter forms.

Not since Uniqlo, Prada, New Zealand-based The Knitter, and the likes of Khaite with their uncomplicated pullover polo’s, has knitwear had this kind of polish this decade.

For their polished mohair collection, Carina and Natasha twisted and threaded some of the finest local mohair into ballooning sleeves, the plushest scarves, knit dresses, and coats that flatter nearly any silhouette. Even the most knit-averse person, would be tempted by the softness and structure sensually making up each garment.

I’d love to see whether ERRE would deconstruct their knit styles in the seasons to come, and play more with the ventilation and curve flattering – similar to the lines of celebrated fashion brand Christopher Esber.

“Mohair is luxuriously lightweight and renowned for its versatility, staying cool in summer and warm in winter.” – ERRE

These ERRE mohair pieces not only speak to the trends of the past two (2) seasons (which include shaggy mohair fringing), but maintain the right styling elements to be classic – making shopping the ERRE winter collection, a good fashion investment to wear all year-round.

I’m loving this jersey – a trophy on what will be an extensive future ERRE mohair collection.

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  1. OMG 😊🖤I so appreciate the comment.

    Their collections are amazing, right?!
    What are you thinking of buying first?


  2. Mantoa says:

    I decided to just check out the ERRE shopping site via the link you shared, only because you mentioned that it is a South African design…and WOW!!! Was I not blown away by their winter dresses collection as well?!!! I might just be covered this winter 😆. Thanks for opening my eyes to such great clothing sites!!! Absolutely amazing!!!

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