Decadent Threads: Restyling Quality like ERRE

I met clothing from ERRE before I ever knew the designers.

I fell for the cascade of often black fabric, and the intricate designs threaded together in immaculate creations first. Since that first introduction where I got to eventually don the brands beautiful sheer-paneled circle skirt and their singular multi-use Myri Dress, at fashion week, I have been a diligent scholar and consumer of the fashion house’s creations.

ERRE pieces are an opportunity to learn the beauty of fashion, as much as the effort of creation.

It’s evident in every piece of thread chosen, and draping done, that Carina and Natasha have reverence for fabric and making poetry of the human form. Silhouettes are never without glamor and sophistication, and every person who dons their clothing (from princesses to bloggers), feels a surge of power in the comfort and flattery of the functional and fashionable garb.

While on a recent travel escapade to review another Cape boutique hotel (review pending publication), ascertaining whether it would make for a decent hospitality contribution as a ranking Stylish Safe Stay, I brought along ERRE pieces that have now become stalwarts of my pandemic travel wardrobe.

One of my favorite things about planning for a trip, is figuring out what the hell to wear.

If I don’t feel like shopping for travel, then remixing my existing gorgeous finds, is the way to go; and the ERRE Bow Fit & Flare dresses are some of my favorites to now return to.

I’m still figuring out how to layer and restyle these pieces – and what fun it is as I go!

You owe it to yourself to be ambitious with styling when you get your hands on a beautiful garment. Half of the fun of fashion, is finding new ways to wear timeless favorites.

Dresses are the unsung hero of your wardrobe, creating a super layering base.”

Stylist Lisa Talbot, for Huffington Post (2021)

It was only by coincidence that I thought to match the red Bow dress, with an older brown pleather H&M skirt (that’s, admittedly, a little snug at the waist), as they hang side by side on my clothing rail at home.

Playing with the texture differences in an outfit compilation, is a good way to begin your foray into restyling those wardrobe gems. The literal look of fabric plays a part in the outfit’s overall finish to being chic. Even former Fashion Director Charlotte Broadbent advised people to juxtapose “fabrics and textures for an unexpected but sumptuous look. Try leather with lace, faux fur with silk or cashmere with sequins” (Huffington Post. 2021).

For my next styling adventure, I’m thinking a sheer neon green polo vest for the purple Bow dress, and maybe Birkenstocks or calf-length neon hose socks, and chunky Doc Martens.

What do you think?

More of the layering and texture play?

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