Travel Essentials: Cosy for Cottagecore

I recently managed to sneak in a getaway to one of the Cape’s most luxurious estates.

Boschendal Farm is an incredible destination, with an ultimate draw for aesthetic-leaning travellers: Cottages galore!

With a scattering of plush accommodations that range from intimate suites to villas, I was chuffed as hell to embrace the veritable “vibe” of Cottagecore at the Werf Cottage I was booked into.

Cottagecore is a phenomenon which romanticises ‘simplified’ life beyond the cosmopolitan world.

Naturally, as with every adventure I take on, my wardrobe had to match the setting.

The Winelands seemed to catch the moody weather patterns of the Mother City, and so lighter dressed were traded in for far more durable and comfortable gear.

With a picturesque cottage blooming against a backdrop of breathtaking farm views, I went for sturdy brown boots for my walks around the farm – boots that had faced many a trail, but had sat idle for months since the pandemic hit.

Accompanying the calf-high leather boots, was 2 pieces that have trailed along with me to many a fashion weeks and cosy home moments:

  • A pleated brown skirt from H&M,
  • and a soft wool blend H&M long-sleeved turtleneck knit, with ribbing at the cuffs.

The knits particular fabric, design, and muted earth tone colour, makes it perfect for High Tea, Fashion Week, and relaxing at home. It’s so soft that I tend to get sleepy, and feel snuggly while wearing it.

One of the other perks of its neutrality is that when re-styling it, it teams up very well with a sheepskin coat, leggings, and even jeans.

You can find gorgeous and affordable versions of this knit necessity, including V-Necks or off-the-shoulder designs, at your nearest H&M too.

I have a wardrobe full of these kinds of pieces.

Now, my overall look today may not scream Cottagecore in its truest sense, but I think the aesthetic has evolved beyond florals, woven hats, and clogs.

Boschendal presented the opportunity to do pastoral elegance with a hint of modernity, from my round-framed Hepburn-style sunglasses (I have major light sensitivity even when it’s cloudy) matched to the white hotel-provided umbrella.

Are you a fan of brown-on-brown looks?

Are cosy knits your thing?

What would you wear to go full Cottagecore?

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