Stylish Safe Stay: Bridgewater Apartments

Why not book into a sure-thing?

In the face of abundant questionable hotels and untested apartment blocks, unfamiliar Airbnbs etc., savvy travellers really should look to the certified convenience of aparthotels.

Century City Hotels have proven to be steadfast in the realm of trusted hospitality – delivering an elevated level of quality as far as service, style, and overall stay is concerned.

Crossing their various properties is consistency – in comfort and convenience.

This is familiar in the realm of business travel, but very rarely so quality-laden as at Bridgewater Apartment.

They’re good.

And it begins with an incredible team committed to offering the best for the guests – having a team with:

  • a comprehensive understanding of travel and business clients’ needs and expectations, and
  • Good relations fostered between the business and its partners and neighbours.

And when it comes to your booking, it’s also – frankly speaking – just about your ability as a traveller, to:

  • sleep well
  • work well
  • and leave the spaces feeling safe, secure, and satisfied; So…

Sleep, Facilities, and…vibe?

Guests are treated to restful sleep whether laying their heads in Urban Square, Bridgewater hotel, or the newly opened Bridgewater Apartments.

It’s apparent from crossing their thresholds, how each Bridgewater Apartment is kitted out to the standards of a city studio apartment stay sized for 2 though.

Each apartment has your home essentials – the likes of a sturdy and appliance-stocked kitchen, a passable bed, and a generously-spaced shower and bathroom essentials, as well as a cosy, contained lounge space too.

Bridgewater Apartment facilities also include a TV, air conditioning, and free wireless internet access. The studio apartment also features a washing machine, for your convenience.

Notable conveniences: Groundfloor apartments mean there is no need to navigate staircases or a need for an elevator.

For the tech-minded: Rest easy knowing there are USB and standard plug points everywhere from bedside to vanity/work table. Plug in and work from the lounge’s couch or charge while you flitter about the apartment’s kitchen.

And with storage aplenty, guests can unpack with space to spare – closing the wardrobe with its chic, sliding wooden white doors that blend with the clean brightness of the apartment.

Textiles with calm tones and rich textures make their home in these convenient and composed surroundings; And occupants of these apartments can shed their weariness at the door as the warm spaces do what they can to alleviate the strains of travel.

It’s a boon to anyone checking in, to be able to sit back and relax as Bridgewater Apartments’ diligent team does the cooking and cleaning for you.

They can arrange room service, handle daily housekeeping and offer up dry-cleaning when you need it.

They’re so accommodating here, that I don’t even think it’s beyond the realm of reason for guests to request and receive an audience with the hardworking chef of the in-house restaurant GUSTO, or even be given a tour of the current Century City Hotels portfolio.

Speaking of dining…

GUSTO – the in-house restaurant at home in Century City Hotel Bridgewater – makes an interesting impression.

I sometimes find the soul of a city, on a plate.

In New York, I would walk the city aimlessly, and then suddenly find myself gorging on everything from a famed pizza to a pop-up hut for a hot dog. New York made sense in everything from lobster at The Met, to pasta at Maialino’s, to TexMex in lower Manhattan.

I don’t quite think you’ll find Cape Town on a plate at GUSTO…but you will steadily find yourself scraping at the bottom of the plate after your food arrives.

You’ll labour at your dish – whether it be their refreshing salads (try the L’insalata Caprese), the satiating breakfasts or the heady richness of their lunch and dinner mains.

I recommend I Saltimbocca al Pomodoro and La Purea di Palate – a rather sturdy and tart Tender Veal, with tomato sauce and parsley, matched with a Parmesan mashed potato side.

The spirit of the GUSTO meal, is in what you make of your visit – whether its party or peace, you’ll taste what you’re feeling, and that will be enough!

It’s good.

They’re good.

It’s Italian too, and it’s priced very well for its exceptional quality ingredients and the labour of the GUSTO team – even with just a straightforward pizza!

The food follows the decor thematic of the restaurant at large – with options both vivid in colour, warm in comfort, and plenty in straightforward fulfilment.

There is honestly a continued appeal to muted softness in neutral restaurant or cafe decor around the world. GUSTO is impressively no less instinctual to trends, in its interior choices.

This restaurant’s interiors serve up splashes of colour for their guests to settle into, as well as neutrals.

Dine amid plush minimalism or vibrant gem tones, at this eatery.

And if hygiene protocols were foremost in your requirements for decent accommodation, check Bridgewater Apartment as viable, thanks to them ensuring the safety of both their guests AND their teams by implementing all the appropriate health and safety measures in line with government regulations, including:

  • Visitors required to hand sanitize upon entry to the building, and when entering high-traffic hotel zones.
  • Guests and visitors able to choose cashless payments – mitigating contact and exposure.
  • Face Masks and social distancing also being required when navigating spaces in this Century City property, and
  • The housekeeping team, waitstaff, front desk etc. doing their best to ensure high-contact areas are consistently sanitized.

It’s a rather tight ship here!

Century City Hotels gives no quarter, and both walk-in visitors for the day, as well as staying guests, are better for it.

Visitors get an experience in food and dining, as well as hotel hospitality, that is both memorable and, genuine value-for-money for a local or international traveller alike.

Venture beyond the bustle of the inner city of Cape Town, to one of the Bridgewater Apartments, for a flexible, convenient and comfortable accommodation pick.

Professional and personalized service is just one of a ton of benefits, to this Century City Hotels offering.


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