Trend Alert: Double Bagging Style & Convenience with The Double Handbag

While the Birkin was initially created to be a spacious one-stop handbag for stylish people on the go (and eventually devolved into a near unattainable high-end spending power status symbol), the variety of bag designs on the market now, means you don’t always have to shop for another big one to stuff, or spacey expensive one to go the distance.

This season’s rising trend (again) is maximalist and really pragmatic:

Double-bagging with two (or even more) bags, while out and about.

Double bag trend featuring an IMPRINT SHAWL

People are being encouraged to leave the anxiety of one handbag or one shopping bag space allowance, for a stylish bundle of ‘It’ bags in different sizes and colours, that will allow you plenty of space for essentials and more.

You’re probably rolling your eyes because you’ve seen jet setters, parents & assistants already working this double-bagging trend with the strength of a thousand errands, diapers, and demanding bosses smooshed together and running their now-swole arms ragged.

In the right pairings, the two bags can compliment your post-pandemic social calendar, and elevate your entire look from day to night as items which would have been in your pockets are now in your bags – smoothening the lines of your garments & silhouette to a much more flattering finish.

They can hide what you don’t want seen, and enhance what you want to show off as you layer.

It’s also about lifestyle ergonomics as bags come with different grips and straps which we all have different comfort levels about. Clustering two different style bags can allow you to walk & sit better, make you less tired, and give you the allowance to lug about more with ease – and more safely too, depending on your bag choice!

Whether it’s two ready-to-wear carryalls, a fanny pack and tote combo, or a clutch and crossbody bag, grab any two handbags (or satchel and backpack) in your arsenal the next time you hit the streets.

Naturally, high-street fashion houses are already on this trend, with the likes of Bottega Veneta, and even minimalist fashion designers showcasing their wares in duos recently; Chanel having already been a fan of this in ’14 with the release of their double bag vest.

Fans of the double bag also include Fashion Designer and former actress Mary-Kate Olsen who’s known to use her own labels’ pieces (like The Row’s Margaux inside-out tote), as well as luxury handbags like Birkins, as they were fundamentally intended to be used (and abused):

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Mix textures and colour shades, designs or brands, and have fun with getting to mix your looks up rather than choosing just one option.

Travelling the world and pushing the bounds of my own personal wardrobe has made me eager to delve into how to appreciate my wardrobe items more. The sustainability trend definitely played its part too though.

It’s no longer just about not shopping as much as you used to.

Master Organizer Marie Kondo rose to further worldwide fame in conjunction with the sustainability movement which also pushed people to consider how they use their clothing and space, and what constitutes hoarding and unnecessary, as well as how to better value what you have.

It had people:

  • reassessing just why they were hanging on to certain garments
  • and encouraging fashion lovers, in particular, to use their pieces more, rather than keep their coveted style items as untouchable keepsakes.

So, as fashion’s cyclical nature brings us back to the trend of upcycling & mindful shopping, you are being encouraged to revel in your existing fashion treasure trove; to bundle two in bags when indecision usually has you struggling to settle for one handbag to tote about.

There are handbags out on shelves and in your own possession, which are works of art and sometimes not always practical for every day. They deserve to see the light more, so grab them along with your grocery sack, OR clutch two chic & small picks and have the best of both worlds.

Be practical and stylish with your bag picks!

Have you already been double-bagging or are you tempted to now?

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