Procrastination 101

So I’m lying in bed watching everything on my Terabyte harddrive.

Its 00:35 in Cape Town, South Africa.

I have a class in 10 hours.

I’m cursed with chronic insomnia and I have a tutorial to do.

hmmmmmmm switches to ‘How I met your mother’

I am the ultimate procrastinator: Leaving anything to the last few hours. I think people forget that everyone needs to find something that works for them. I managed to finish my matric final exams using the “Cramming method” .Some deem it laziness…they can suck it!

Owk, so I can bullshit my way into explaining how lazy I am. But it works for me. I will occasionally get frazzled and I may get into trouble for not handing in stuff, but at the end of the day I hand in pristine and precise work.

Morale of “Procrastination101”: Find what works for you! I’m gonna do my tut work at 08:30 then go swimming.


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